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Apertome’s Elements album was written during February, 2006 for February Album Writing Month (FAWM). Each track is based on or inspired by an element from the Periodic Table.

This album is free. You are encouraged to download it, burn it to CD, give copies to your friends, share it online, etc. Just don’t sell it.

Click on a title below to download an mp3. You may also download a .ZIP file of the entire album or stream it.
Track Listing:

  1. Gallium
  2. Strontium
  3. Dubnium
  4. Silver
  5. Hydrogen
  6. Antimony-110
  7. Chromium
  8. Bismuth
  9. Vanadium
  10. Lithium
  11. Technetium
  12. Xenon
  13. Fluorine
  14. Zinc
  15. Mercury

More information will be posted soon; for now, you can see descriptions of the songs by visiting the Blog Archives for February, 2006.

A Daily Northwestern Article about Apertome’s participation in FAWM was published in February.

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