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A dark, rainy, chilly commute

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

My ride home from work was rather interesting. It was in the low 40s, raining, windy, and dark. This is some of the first rain we’ve had in months, aside from a few showers on Saturday, so we really need the rain, and I have been out of practice when it comes to riding in the rain.

Despite (or maybe because of?) the conditions, my ride home was surprisingly enjoyable. I feel a lot more confident in the rain with additional lights and reflective gear, and I’ve got my clothing figured out fairly well for the most part. I was also lucky that it was just a good steady rain, and not a deluge.

We had an unreal warm spell for a while, and now it’s cooling off once again.

I’m trying to psyche myself up for winter. I love winter riding, even though it is more difficult to ride as regularly. But, scenes like these get me pumped. All these are from winter rides I did last year. Mostly likely, it will be quite a while before we get any snow … I’m just thinking ahead.

Another routine route, beautified by snow

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I had hoped to get a lot of riding in over my birthday weekend, but things didn’t pan out that way — I ended up spending a crazy amount of time at work — but I did manage to get out for a little while on Saturday before I had to go to work. I did my Water Works route, a favorite training route of around 24 miles. It’s a scenic route to begin with, but the snow made it even better. The roads were clear, however, making a relatively fast ride on The Trucker a possibility; it felt great to cover a lot of ground more quickly.










Do you know Le Winter?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This winter is starting to get to me a bit. We’ve had an unusual amount of snow, for Bloomington.  We have probably 10 inches of snow on the ground right now; normally, I’d be excited about this, but I’ve been having less fun with the snow, in the past week or so.

But, I think I figured out what the problem is. I’m annoyed with the snow because I haven’t spent enough time in it! Aside from one ride on Saturday, my only riding has been in the form of commutes. So, the only time I’ve been out in the snow, it’s been an impediment to getting to my destination, rather than something I take the time to enjoy.

Riding in the winter is like riding up hills: you have to fully embrace it in order to enjoy it, and the more you do it, the more comfortable you become with it. Some unexpected things came up last weekend that prevented me from getting out and enjoying the snow much. Hopefully, I’ll have more time this weekend, and I can get out and ride in the snow, and relish the opportunity, rather than simply trudging through it. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, and I might even try to squeeze in a night ride one of these days. The darkness is really more of an impediment to riding after work than the snow is.

We got the biggest snow of the year on Monday. Again, schools and many businesses were closed. As usual, I rode my bicycle to work. And I did have fun with it. On my way to work, the snow was so deep in places that my shoes were dipping down into the snow as I pedaled, and snow was shooting up into my brakes.




After work, I had icicles hanging from my saddle, and I had to dig my bike out.



But, that was nothing compared to what people who drove to campus had to deal with. Check out the cars on the side of the road — they had a lot of digging to do before they could get out. All that snow had fallen since the morning.


When I arrived back at home, I had to re-bury my bike in a mound of snow.


Rob could barely walk in the stuff. That’s a 70-pound dog, legs completely buried.


Every day when I get to work, the bike racks are more buried. I have to lift my bicycle onto a mount of snow over a foot deep to lock it to the rack.

Hopefully, this’ll let up soon. I love snow, but I’d say we have enough for now.

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