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A recipe for sore legs in only 21 miles

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I put together an interesting route southwest of town to revisit some roads I had only ridden once, and to explore some new roads as well. I knew this would be a hilly route, but I underestimated it. The temperature was 90 degrees with a heat index of around 100 when I set out, which made things more difficult. Here’s the route I rode — 21 miles and over 1800 feet of climbing, according to RideWithGPS.

I rode part of the route that I rode as the last ride before my foot surgery, but I also tacked on some new roads. I enjoyed Bolin and Rockport roads again, and rode by the Independent Limestone Company.



Then I turned onto May Road. This was new to me, and offered relentless rolling hills, which generally trended upward. Looking at the elevation profile, I can see that no one hill was very large, but there were quite a few of them all in a row, getting bigger as I went along. And, as I mentioned, it was very hot. This was tough riding.





Even though I was only a few miles from town, the area felt very wild and remote. I worked my way over to Kirksville Road, which was flat for a while before climbing up to the tiny town of Stanford, IN.



DSCF5078 old


As soon as I reached Stanford, I looped back toward town, a brief stint including a big climb on Burch Road.


From the top of the climb, I got some great views which only improved as I rolled along further.





I soon turned onto Evans Road. I was tempted to continue on Burch to see where it went, but I will have to return to explore that another time.

Evans was another tough roads with some sharp ups and downs, although a flat section did allow a little respite.


I made my way over to Koontz Road. Koontz was another gem, with a long line of rolling hills, but this time the overall elevation trend was in my favor, and I enjoyed an awesome roller coaster ride for a couple of miles.


I went down a long hill on Rockport and made my way back via Tramway Road, another road I had ridden before which is absolutely fantastic. It climbs a little but offers some very nice views. The moon is visible in some of these shots, if you look closely.






DSCF5155 sepia

I wanted to photograph some great hay bales, but a dog gave chase and I was forced to press on. From this point I was almost back to town. I’m amazed at how close to town some of these beautiful and rugged areas are. I love riding in this area and can’t wait to explore it more.

MTB/gravel rides derailed by flooding; road ride instead

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

On Saturday I was hoping to ride with my friend Dave. We were going to go mountain biking, but we have had so much rain that the trails would be too muddy. We decided to meet up in Yellowwood State Forest for some gravel riding instead. On my way there, I discovered Yellowwood Road was flooded …



… so I went over to Jackson Creek Road instead, but it was also flooded …


The only other ways of getting to where we were going to ride would either be flooded too, or would be far out of the way. I called Dave and let him know … we pulled the plug ¬†on the ride. He was coming from the other side of the state forest, so I think he was able to get to parts I couldn’t. I think he was going to ride back and forth on the parts that weren’t flooded.

I went home, and headed out for a short (21-mile) but hilly road ride west of town. It was hot, very hot … the heat index probably neared 100 degrees. I had a great, brief-but challenging ride. Here are a few photos.














Heat and storms

Monday, June 21st, 2010

For the last couple of weeks, the weather here has been characterized by two things: heat and storms. We’re talking strong storms with high wind (even a few tornadoes), torrential rain, flooding, and impressive displays of lightning and thunder. The storms have popped up pretty randomly, but have mostly been in the evening or at night, making evening rides difficult some days.

Now it seems perhaps the storms have tapered off, but the heat and humidity are kicking in stronger. On my way to work this morning, the heat index was already 90 degrees, and with 90% humidity, I was quite sweaty by the time I got to work. Yikes!

I’m trying to get acclimated to the heat, but it’s hard for me. I don’t handle heat well. I’ve been doing better with it so far this year, but it’s only getting hotter.

Update: added screenshot from weather.com

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