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Larksville Mountain Videos

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

As the end of our time in Pennsylvania draws near, I’m attempting to figure out the things I want to do with our limited time here. One thing that I came up with was to make videos of some of the best long descents I’ve found here. I’ve done a few experiments with this, using my digital camera, and while I don’t think the videos adequately convey the experience, they are still fun and interesting. I also used some of my own music for these.

So, the other day, I put together a fun mixed-terrain route, and took some photos and videos along the way. Here’s a map of my route. The orange is the whole route; green is the descent down the north side of Larksville Mountain. Blue is the south side of Larksville Mountain, and the gravel roads in the last video are in purple.

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Here’s the descent down the north side of Larksville Mountain. This is the shorter side, and it drops about 400 feet in 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. The camera angle is a bit weird. I used a piece of music that I started but never finished. However it’s more upbeat than most of my music and fits pretty well, I think.

Here’s the descent down the south side of Larksville Mountain. This is the long descent back to the valley where we live. The road drops about 950 feet over the course of two miles. The video doesn’t really give any indication of how steep it is. At times, you can see the camera mounted on my helmet. As my wife pointed out, it looks like I have a flag on my head. The music here is a heavier piece that I did. While I was trying to figure out what music to use for these videos, I realized how slow and dark most of my music is. It’s mostly not very suitable for biking videos, but this one works.

And here is a slideshow with some videos on gravel roads, and photos from the rest of the ride. The music is from the album I wrote for February Album Writing Month in 2006. The entire album can be found here (free download).

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