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Pinhole photos

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Some of the very first cameras were pinhole cameras. Basically, rather than a lens, they have a very small hole that lets light in. The smaller the hole, the sharper the image — though smaller holes mean longer exposures. You can make film pinhole cameras out of very simple objects such as matchboxes and oatmeal cans. But then you have to deal with the film, which pretty much requires using a darkroom.

Since I don’t have access to a darkroom, a few years ago, I created a pinhole “lens” for my DSLR. It’s very simple to make one. This article explains it, though I actually left some of these steps out. I took a few shots but never really did much with it. Part of the problem was, my pinhole lens wasn’t great.

Recently, I got interested in pinhole photography again and decided to make a new “lens.” I probably did a worse job this time. I have some ideas on how to improve on it, but the biggest problem was, I accidentally poked two holes instead of one. The result is an odd double-image effect. In some cases it’s interesting, and in some cases it ruins the shots.

I poked a hole in a small piece of aluminum foil with a needle, basically as small a hole as I could make. My exposures ranged from about 1-30 seconds. This requires a tripod, of course.

Here are a few photos that I think turned out to be interesting. These are just from a walk around our neighborhood.





A few images had this rainbow light streaks across them. I think that I need to sand the hole after I make it, and put black marker on it to reduce reflections (both were steps I skipped from the article). Although the effect is actually sort of interesting, sometimes.




Here’s where things started getting a little more abstract. As I walked home, I started shooting and moving the camera around while I did.


The next shot is the sky. I know it’s just a big blue box, but I love the color.


For this next shot (and some other similar ones I’m not posting), I had the camera on the tripod, held the tripod out, and spun around with the camera pointed at the sky, hitting the shutter button, until I was too dizzy to continue. The streak of light is the sun.


Here’s another abstract. Subtle, but I like the tones in this image.


Signs of life and death

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

A few days ago, I got out of class early. When this happens, sometimes I’ll work on homework in a computer lab, or go to work early, or read a book. This day just happened to be absolutely gorgeous; the sun was out for the first time in what seemed like a long time, and it felt warm (even if it was only in the low 40s). I had my camera and Lensbaby with me, so I walked around for a while listening to Andrew Bird and trying to see if I could capture the feeling of the day. A few bulbs have begun pushing up through the dirt. Seeing signs of life was wonderful. Even though I was just outside the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) building, there was a creek rushing and a large wooded area. IU has a beautiful campus.




The Lensbaby does some amazing things with highlights. I love how brilliant the rushing creek water looks here.



It’s a little hard to tell, but the photo below is the same creek, leading to a small bridge.


I turned my attention to the small cemetery that lies directly adjacent to the IMU. It’s an odd place for a cemetery, but it is quite a beautiful one.




There’s a chapel, also.


I had to try two different treatments of this gate. The first one has not been treated much.


The next one has a sort of tri-tone thing going on. It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but I still like it.


There is also this small “well house.”


I only spent about 30 minutes doing this, but it was absolute bliss. Then I got to ride my bike — though unfortunately, I had to go to work. Still, a wonderful bright spot in the middle of my day.

Unbelievably busy

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I can’t believe how demanding school has been lately. This week is the worst yet, with two midterms, and three major projects going on. Most of it is behind me now, except for my hardest midterm. Riding has consisted only of going to class and work, and home, for the past couple of weeks. But next week is spring break, so hopefully I’ll get to do someĀ  recreational riding.

My latest photography assignment was portraits. Here are some of the shots I turned in. Some of my classmates did very commercial/fashion type shots (and some of them were impressive). For better or worse, I went for something a little more “real.”


Dave 1



Mom 1


Sarah 2

Avery (my nephew)

Avery 2

I also had to do a couple of self-portraits.

Self-Portrait 2

Self-Portrait 1

I’m fairly pleased with most of them. The assignment had some constraints that were rather limiting, but overall I was pleased with my shots.

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