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Pinegrove Kayaking

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Sarah and I enjoyed kayaking so much that we bought kayaks of our own — this means we can go wherever, whenever we want. We didn’t have a good rack immediately, but managed to get the boats to Pinegrove for their inaugural run.

Much of our paddle was in a beautiful wetland area. Lots of very shallow water. Paddling around this quiet lake was extremely peaceful and awe-inspiring. We even saw a bald eagle, maybe our first ever? I can’t remember seeing one before.

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Lake Griffy Kayaking

Friday, July 7th, 2017

We loved kayaking at Starve Hollow so much that we came back and went over to Lake Griffy (technically a city park!) and went for a good paddle.


The boats at Griffy were less stable, and didn’t track as well, as the ones we used at Starve Hollow. They felt a bit tipsy and Sarah was not liking it nearly as much. But, that didn’t really dampen our spirits.



┬áIt’s exciting to explore familiar areas, from a totally different perspective.

New adventure: kayaking!

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

We went camping last weekend, although this post is just about the kayaking we did there. We went down to Starve Hollow State Recreation Area, near Brownstown, Indiana. This is also near Jackson-Washington State Forest, where we got engaged.

We’ve tried canoeing before but not really kayaking, except for one thing in a tandem kayak we did in the Outer Banks of NC. Canoeing is something we’ve enjoyed, but oddly, it seems a bit limiting being in the same boat. So we figured we’d try two separate kayaks. We loved it! Much more independence as well as less frustration trying to steer the things. It also gives us a better opportunity to be together while paddling. This sounds counterintuitive, but in a canoe, you’re stuck several feet apart whereas in separate kayaks you can get right next to someone.


With better maneuverability, we were also able to get closer to the shore and see more wildlife. Mostly, we saw a lot of turtles (I think we counted 7). If it had been early morning/late evening we would have seen more wildlife.

20170624_112925.jpg 20170624_110143.jpg

But for me, kayaking is mostly about serenity. To pause, reflect, ponder. It’s wonderful.

20170624_103010.jpg 20170624_102425.jpg

Here’s our route:

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