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Clambering Out Of Here

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Last night I finished my 7th FAWM song — this means I’m halfway done!

Synth lead/sequenced part: Pittsburgh Modular modulated by Microbrute and sequenced by Beatstep. Two channels, one with Small Stone analog phaser, the other a Malekko analog delay
Synth pad: SQ8L
Beats: Arturia Beastep
Vocal effect: Zoom ST-224 Sampler
Reverb: ValhallaRoom


Kneeling down
Driving around
Further and back again

Shimmering down
Shimmy around
Clambering out of here

Pouring around
Clanking it down
Spilling and mopless

Shimmering down
Shimmy around
Clambering out of here

Mollified crown
Arrested and drowned
Under and always away

Shimmering down
Shimmy around
Clambering out of here

Out of a sky of plasma
A sinking miasma
Streaking across the sky

Shimmering down
Shimmy around
Clambering out of here

Raining Down Ether

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Sometimes I’ll write a song and be completely surprised by the outcome. This one was like that.

Synth lead – Pittsburgh Modular (modulated by itself and microbrute), run through Malekko E616 Dark analog delay
Pad – soft synth
Beats – Arturia Spark LE
Reverb – Valhalla Room Reverb

Written in 7/4, and paced at dance music tempo (130 bpm), my original intent was to write what I envisioned as “seven on the floor” as a play on typical electronic “four on the floor” beats (bass drum on 1-2-3-4). However, once I got started it took on a life of its own and became something else entirely.

I had written some lyrics that just happened to have many lines with 7 syllables per line, but then I proceeded to twist the rhythm in such a way that that didn’t really matter.


Ticking gently in your ears
Awaiting transmission shortly

Skin shines through
Flailing all around you
Asking for a longer stead
Rejected by your own head

Closer feelings closing in
Can’t escape the pain within
Handling your rejects
Without any sense of pretext

Foreign bodies entering
And leaving fire in a ring
Time is over, ring expires
Fleeting melody inquires

A full spectrum
Shades of void
Rays of darkness
Piercing through the light

Raining down ether
Light-headed and disjointed
Measuring your causal link
May have pushed you to the brink

Ratty steel wool ablaze
Sparks, your face, a maze
Not conducive to repose
Slip into your Sunday clothes

Gods of nuisance overlaid
Payback will be back paid
Tones of brilliant azure
Nothing further can endure

A Hand In The Fire

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

My fifth song, An instrumental song, for FAWM 2015.

For this song, I spent a lot of time crafting the synth sounds, much more than with my other FAWM songs to date. I used the microbrute and modular together, essentially using them as two separate oscillators. The microbrute’s sound went through its filter (in high pass mode) AND the pittsburgh modular filter. The pittsburgh modular oscillator only went through the pittsburgh modular lowpass filter.

The sequenced synth is the pittsburgh modular using the lowpass gate in the ping setting, something I haven’t messed around with as much as I’d like.

Main synth part: modular+microbrute hybrid
Sequenced synth: modular
Bass: minibrute
Beats: Arturia Spark LE
Effects: Malekko analog delay, Valhalla Room Reverb, Valhalla Ubermod

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