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A cruel joke

Monday, January 31st, 2011

It was a beautiful weekend — highs in the upper 30s, even over 40 on Sunday, and roads clear enough that I could have taken the Bianchi out for a nice long ride. Which is exactly what I intended to do. Instead, I spent basically the entire weekend in bed, sick. ¬†Blah.

I’m still sick, but less so. I moved my blog over to my “new” host. Let me know if you notice any issues. I already have some other projects hosted on this server, and it’s been very reliable, so this should be a vast improvement. For the curious, it’s a managed Linux VPS. The hosting company keeps things up-to-date, does backups, and does some basic maintenance. I still have a VPS with root access. I find it to be the sweet spot of not having to worry about it constantly, but still having complete control over the system.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Looks like my web host has the hiccups — they did a server migration that didn’t go too well. I’ll be moving to a newer, better one soon, but not immediately, so I hope it keeps working for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Update: It looks like my spam filter isn’t working, and your comments are going to moderation. I’ll approve them as soon as I get a chance. I’ve temporarily disabled comments on old posts to cut down on the amount of blog spam coming in.

New job!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

My wife and I both started new jobs today. How’s that for amazing? This also marks my return to bicycle commuting. Here are a few thoughts about both my job and my commute.

The Job

I started a new job today, as a Web Developer at the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands. According to their Web site:

The Eppley Institute is dedicated to meeting the needs of park, recreation, and public land organizations. As a unit of Indiana University’s Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies, Eppley combines academic expertise with real-world experience to design practical solutions that work.

I will be working on various projects including building e-courses and working on their Web site, and any other projects that come up.

Those who have been following my blog for a while, or who know me personally, know that I got laid off back in December. At that time, I started my own Web Development consulting company. I decided running my own business wasn’t for me, so I started looking for other options … and ended up at Eppley.

On my first day, I managed to completely hose the copy of Windows XP on my computer (the classic hal.dll not found error). Probably fixable, but my boss suggested another option … so now the machine is running a shiny new copy of Windows 7.¬† My first impression? Well, I’m not too impressed. However, I’m told that I can install Linux on my workstation if I want — which I just might do. I think it’s going to be very cool to be in an environment that’s not completely Microsoft-centric.

The Commute

I ran my consulting business out of our apartment, so I missed being able to commute by bicycle. Oddly enough, my new commute is nearly identical to the one I had at my last job. Completely identical, in fact, except for the last turn. The distance is about the same — a little under three miles each way. Not an epic commute by any means, but I ride year-round, in all conditions, so things can still get pretty interesting. And, I’m a little more committed to riding every day than I was before, because we are a single-car family and my wife will be using the car to drive to her new job. Previously, she was in school and rode the bus to work, which meant I always had the car as a backup option. I didn’t use it much, but it sort of functioned as a safety net.

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