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Crooked Creek SRA kayaking

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

A couple weekends ago, Sarah and I did our longest kayak outing yet: 3.1 miles in about 2 1/2 hours on Lake Monroe. We started at the Crooked Creek SRA boat ramp on Lake Monroe (not to be confused with Crooked Creek Lake, which is nearby). When we put our boats in the water, we were in a shallow, narrow channel, very warm muddy water, a bit gross, really.

Fortunately, that didn’t last long and we followed the channel for a while but it gradually opened up.

Eventually it dumped us out into a bigger section of Lake Monroe.

It was a gorgeous day, and a beautiful section of the lake. We saw several herons and egrets.

A bit further along, I saw something splash down in the water maybe 20 feet ahead of me. I looked up and saw a bald eagle right over my head!


I’ve found that while it’s fun to paddle directly across a lake, it’s even better to follow near the shore, as you see more wildlife that way and the scenery changes a bit more.

We saw quite a few of these strange, gelatinous egg sacs (or whatever they are!)

For a while there was a loud motorboat just around the bend and it was pretty loud and distracting. Otherwise, it was an incredibly peaceful outing.

If you go about twice as far as we went, you’ll hit a waterfowl resting area. We didn’t get that close to it, but still saw lots of herons and egrets. Our Eagle friend showed up a couple more times, as well.

All in all, a blissful day on the water!

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