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Horde of Flies

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Here’s my second song from FAWM 2015, “Horde of Flies.” This one’s a bit further out of my comfort zone, a little more industrial. I wish I could have spent a lot more time on this one, but I need to keep moving or I won’t finish 14 songs this month. At the very least the vocals should be re-recorded, but we’ll see.

And flailing
Grown alabaster stone
Keeps falling around my footsteps
Keeping time with an endless fury

Fanciful devotion
Cleanliness unspoken
Shards of lives lie broken
A horde of flies bespoken

Clamping down on
A steep boardwalk
Entropy reigns long
Into the night

Timeless zones of motion
A horticultural notion
Oddly clinical potion
Trials of minimal devotion

Traipsing along the skirts
Appearing more or less unhurt
Until the skies unfold berzerk
Spills of chemical demurk

Stains on eyes
Telling me to step inside
A long and meaningful aside
Teaching us to pluralize

How long will we be blind
We feel an emptiness inside
Try to fill it all with lies
Killing us as we despise

Killing us as we despise
Killing us as we despise
A corporate history of lies
Killing me as I despise
I’d like to find myself inside
Killing us as we despise
Killing us as we despise

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