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A Hand In The Fire

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

My fifth song, An instrumental song, for FAWM 2015.

For this song, I spent a lot of time crafting the synth sounds, much more than with my other FAWM songs to date. I used the microbrute and modular together, essentially using them as two separate oscillators. The microbrute’s sound went through its filter (in high pass mode) AND the pittsburgh modular filter. The pittsburgh modular oscillator only went through the pittsburgh modular lowpass filter.

The sequenced synth is the pittsburgh modular using the lowpass gate in the ping setting, something I haven’t messed around with as much as I’d like.

Main synth part: modular+microbrute hybrid
Sequenced synth: modular
Bass: minibrute
Beats: Arturia Spark LE
Effects: Malekko analog delay, Valhalla Room Reverb, Valhalla Ubermod

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