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Still riding

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

I’ve felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm for riding, and I’ve found myself with a bit more time on my hands, too. Actually this is quite a busy summer, with some travel earlier, and now two classes, plus an internship, and work. However, I’ve had significantly less homework this summer than I had during the year, which has given me more opportunities for riding.

So far, it’s mostly been rides under 35 miles, but I’m planning on extending that soon, heat be damned. I’ve done about a thousand different variations on my “water works” route, and a few other routes I’ve ridden before. I need to sit down sometime and just dream up some new training routes, as I’m getting tired of doing the same ones over and over, even with all the variations I’ve tried.

It’s been incredibly hot and dry (drought). We nearly set a high temperature record last week when it was 105°F one day. Many fields are brown and dry from the lack of rain.

Some folks on Google+ are doing a “500 miles in July” challenge, which I have decided to do. A couple years ago, a 500-mile month wouldn’t have been a big deal (my best month ever was over 700 miles) but this year is different. In June I only rode 234 miles, so it’s definitely going to require some work to hit 500 this month. I’m off to a good start.

All this is leading somewhere, too. A significant, challenging and exciting cycling undertaking next month. I hope I can be ready for it. More on this later.

6 Responses to “Still riding”

  1. Pondero Says:

    Good to hear about the renewed sense of enthusiasm, the goal, and the undertaking. Enjoyable (I hope) for you, and entertaining for the rest of us. Rock on, and keep us up to date.

  2. Apertome Says:

    Thanks. I forgot to mention, I’m still commuting to campus 4 days a week. So that’s pretty nice, if a bit hot.

  3. Fonk Says:

    My riding has been anemic as of late. Right now I’d probably be lucky to get near 200 in a month (probably didn’t get half that in June).

  4. David Crowell Says:

    I’m still commuting everyday, and have set goals for the month too, but I can’t seem to get motivated for longer rides.

  5. Steve A Says:

    500 miles is pretty respectable. You can do it, and you know it.

  6. Jon Grinder Says:

    Hat’s off to you. I have not been able to get back into the groove, on the commute, since I had to take the time off. A day here…a day there…

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