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Biking less, walking more

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted anything here. The reason for that is simply that I haven’t had much to report, on the cycling front. School has dominated my time and energy. I’ve been commuting on my bike most of the time, but even that has taken a bit of a hit, with some rain relegating me to the bus, and now I’m sick, and have no interest in riding, even for short commutes.

Tim and David and I were supposed to head down to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a weekend of cycling and camping the weekend before last, but it didn’t happen. I was completely worn down and on on the verge of getting sick and Tim got sick, also. So I’ve been fighting varying degrees of sickness on and off for a couple of weeks now. Finally it blew up into a nasty cold over the weekend, but I’ve still be chugging along on projects and such. I hope to get a little bit of a break tonight, but otherwise my workload looks like it will remain intense for a while.

I haven’t even had much desire to ride, which is a weird feeling. It shouldn’t surprise me, because it happened last semester too, and then I did a lot of riding over the summer. I just can’t do everything at once, I suppose.

Thanksgiving weekend brings the Gravel Grovel, a metric century gravel grinder. I’m planning on riding it with Tim and David and Timothy (all Louisville people). They seem to be training for it more than I am, and treating it more like the race that it is. I am a little nervous about it, given my lack of training, but I am looking forward to a good day on the bike with friends, so I’m trying not to worry.

The upside to the days I take the bus is that I get to walk more, once I get to campus. I love walking, sometimes even more than riding, although it’s not practical when getting from point A to point B quickly is necessary. But walking allows you to slow down more, make more observations, and brood. Brooding is something I do well, and enjoy. I like to listen to music and just live inside my head. It’s wonderful and therapeutic.

I do have one rather significant bit of news to report, and that is that I’m quitting my job, where I have worked for two years. My course load is picking up to the extent that I just don’t have enough time available to make it worthwhile. I’ll do some small contract projects when I have the time, but that’s it. Actually, I’ve had some projects on hold so now maybe I can pick those back up again.

Despite the stress and workload, school is excellent. I love academia, I’m learning a lot, and every single one of my classes is interesting. I’m spending by far the most time on my photography class, but it is extremely rewarding.

7 Responses to “Biking less, walking more”

  1. mike Says:

    life… it happens!

  2. Pondero Says:

    Spent the weekend in the grip of a tough cold myself. I long to be out on the bike, but just couldn’t get my body to cooperate. Hoping you recover soon and have a great time on the gravel with friends.

    Oh, and thanks for the brood word. I probably should use it more.

  3. Fonk Says:

    I’ll be interested to hear your report on the Gravel Grovel, as that’s one I’d like to do someday.

  4. David Crowell Says:

    After Sunday’s ride, I was too sore to ride to work on Monday, so I took the bus. Variety is good. My dogs would appreciate it if I walked them more often.

    I’m not sure what to say about leaving your job… Congrats? 🙂 I guess if you’re doing what you want/need to do then it’s all good.

    I hope to ride with you soon.

  5. Tim S Says:

    I appear to be training b/c, #1 I’m really fat right now and have to do *something*, #2 I don’t want to be DQed and do want to make it in the time limit and #3 Fall is a great time to get out.

    Funny about walking. Last year around our BSF trip I was doing lots of walking and lost more weight doing that than I do riding. It’s a great activity, and one that doesn’t incur so much of a calorie depletion.

  6. Jon Grinder Says:

    I haven’t had much biking to blog about, these past few, myself. I understand where you are coming from, on that.

    Blog when you feel like it, about whatever you feel like. I (and others) will be checking in to see what’s up. But, it’s a blog, y’know, not a job. Don’t sweat a little time off.

  7. Asher Says:

    Man, it looks like cold season is taking everyone out this year!

    Walking is, indeed, awesome. I have found myself doing more of that as well, in part because of frustrating crankset problems but also because it’s been good weather for it.

    It’s awesome that you’re able to quit your job so you can focus more on school (that sounds really weird when I read it back to myself, but I mean it). It sounds like you have some exciting times ahead!

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