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N – 1

Monday, August 1st, 2011

So, there’s a saying among bicycle addicts that the number of bikes you need is N+1 (where N is the number of bikes you currently have).

I sold a bicycle yesterday, so I guess that puts me at N – 1. Furthermore, now the number I need is N + 2.

The bike I sold is the Little 500 bike. I’ve been considering it for a while, and posted it on Craigslist about two weeks ago.

It made me a bit sad to do this, as it is a ¬†fine bicycle, but I really didn’t need it, and it didn’t fit me as well as some of my other bikes. A shorter stem would have helped, but I just didn’t want to dump money into it.

Here are the photos that I posted on Craigslist, of the bike as it was when I sold it:




The guy who bought it seemed nice, and said he wanted to use it mostly for commuting, and riding around town. He paid my full asking price, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m glad the bike went to a good home.

I’m guessing there’ll be another singlespeed road bike in my future, eventually, but for now I really have all the bikes I need, and this sale will help get a new wheel for my 29er, and pay a couple of bills. And now that I have The Beast set up as a singlespeed, it can fill this role somewhat, too.

I felt a little bad about one thing — Wil had given me (quite generously), a fixed-gear wheel to experiment with on this bike, and I can’t use that wheel at the moment. I did hold onto it though. I didn’t think it would be right to sell it. So, I’ll hold onto that wheel until I find a use for it, or maybe I’ll pass it along to someone who needs it more than I do.

4 Responses to “N – 1”

  1. Tim Says:

    Sad to see a friend leave, but if it funds the meeting of new friends, then I suspect it’s all good.

  2. John Romeo Alpha Says:

    “but for now I really have all the bikes I need”…ah, need, now, want, desire, our fickle feelings fuzz the meaning of “now” and “need” and soon we have n+1 again.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I feel your pain. Something that sometimes just has to be done. I’ve sold a lot of bikes in my time, and looking back, I haven’t ever really felt lacking after it was gone. Good call on holding onto the fixed wheel though.



  4. mike Says:

    i think the new formula (at least in my world) – is s-1, where s is the number of bikes that my wife will kick me to the curb…

    found this on ‘the rules’, which you might enjoy:

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