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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

It’s been a little warm.  Until the last week or so, it has seemed like the really hot weather took its time getting to us, but now it’s definitely here.

This image is from yesterday afternoon. Then, this morning on my way to work it was already hot, not as high in terms of ambient temperature, but just incredibly muggy.

As I’ve alluded to in a few recent posts, I’ve been taking a different route to work. It’s a little shorter and significantly flatter, but with the heat and humidity like this, I’m still very sweaty by the time I get to work. Kind of annoying, but I can deal with it.

The new route is very pleasant; it starts with a bit of a climb, but then there’s a long downhill. There’s a stoplight halfway down, but if my timing is right, I can fly all the way down the hill without stopping.

Then I turn onto a rail-trail, which I take most of the way to work. Part is paved, and part isn’t. There’s a lot of variety, in terms of scenery, even though the trail is flat and mostly straight. I travel through woods, by a creek, through open fields with grasses and wildflowers, industrial zones, and part of downtown.

I don’t take the same route home. The nice long downhill that I start with in the morning, turns into a traffic-laden climb on my way home. Really, the traffic is the worry, not the climb.

Plus, I like to take a hillier route home, so I get more of a workout out of it.

Overall, it’s good to have options. I’ve been fairly critical of Bloomington’s rail-trail and B Line trail, and a lot of those feelings haven’t changed, but now they’re finally turning into something useful. Right now, there’s a long section that I have practically to myself, as it’s not officially open yet, but I wonder how busy it will be once more people discover it.

7 Responses to “Hot”

  1. Pondero Says:

    Yowza! Our highs have been over 100 for many days, but (thankfully) it is dryer and the “feels like” temp is close to the actual temperature. I think we’ve only had a few days in that range. Take care of yourself out there.

  2. Steve A Says:

    Pondero is exactly correct. We’ve been lucky to have decent humidity with our heat so the “feels like” is only 5 degrees over on our hotter days. It really hasn’t been bad here even with 19 (and counting) 100F days in a row. I have found taking a shower at work to be ineffective compared to simply towel drying and changing after a half hour at work.

  3. Asher Says:

    I’m glad to hear the rail-trail and B Line Trail are turning into useful byways. Even though I’m a bit of a die-hard ride-in-the-road guy, it’s good to see networks of dedicated cycleways developing that are actually useful to commuters. It’s good to have options, sometimes it’s nice to ride without having to telepathically predict the movements of traffic, and I think they make great newbie incubators.

    We’re definitely feeling the heat (and especially the humidity) down here in the ‘Ohar’ valley. Kinda wish I was in Texas like Steve, though 😀 I’ve apparently learned to like the heat (there have actually been moments this summer when I walked out of an air-conditioned shop or restaurant and though, “Wow, it feels good out here!”), but the humidity … feh. I could so do without it.

    We’re going to Burning Man at the end of August … I’m looking forward to escaping to the desert, where ‘at least it’s a dry heat,’ as they always say 🙂

  4. robert Says:

    I commuted for years on a super popular Rail-Trail and my findings were this:

    In the mornings the trail was more or less not a problem, usually just a few dog walkers, joggers and the occasional other cyclist (note that I commuted kind of late, around 9:30am).

    However in the ride home was a different story (and again this would be a little later – 7pm-ish) – crowded with kids, dog walkers, joggers, lots of cyclists (who were usually the worst behaved) and the dreaded rollerbladers. I tended to take a longer, hillier route home in the evening and skipped the trail.

    In the winter I only ever saw the dog walkers and especially dedicated joggers and since I was coming home in the dark, almost no one.

    So once your trail fully opens, if it follows a similar pattern your current system should work out great. Sounds (and looks from the pics) like a nice route.

  5. Apertome Says:

    Asher: Burning Man! Woah, you better write some reports about that experience. Sounds awesome!

    Robert: I suspect you’re probably right. Time will tell — for now, I’m enjoying having it to myself.

  6. David Crowell Says:

    Since I’ve been riding a bike I’ve ignored the “heat index”. I figured that the breeze from riding made it irrelevant. Well the high humidity recently had proven me wrong. It’s easy to get overheated. I takes more than just drinking enough water. It means taking it easier and not trying to go fast.

  7. Apertome Says:

    David: Good point, of course you also have to factor in that the physical activity makes you feel warmer. I do think, though, that higher ambient temperatures can be harsher. For instance, yesterday was 98F with a heat index of 105 or so, and I think that was worse than 93/111F.

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