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The other side of spring

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

I’ve posted some bright and colorful images of flowers, trees in bloom, deep blue skies, etc, that I have been seeing this spring. But, it feels unbalanced to only show this side of spring. There are plenty of days that are dark, dreary, rainy, and (especially this year) windy. I tried to capture the other side of spring. Sadly I didn’t have my DSLR when I shot these so the quality doesn’t stand up to the brighter images, but hopefully these shots illustrate some of the other emotions that come with spring.

















6 Responses to “The other side of spring”

  1. Pondero Says:

    Been sorely dry ’round here, so those rain photos look pretty good to me. I enjoyed the puddles with raindrops in them.

  2. Jon Grinder Says:

    Dry and windy in Denver, this Spring. Lots of wildfires, already. I think I’d rather have snow than wind, at this point.

  3. Bill Lambert Says:

    I went for a good, long ride yesterday and took my camera. But I didn’t take any pictures because it was rainy and grey, and windy. You’re photos perfectly captured the weather. I like the black and white photos, especially, because yesterday was a black and white kind of day.

  4. John Romeo Alpha Says:

    We need the Spring showers, no doubt, even if they are a little less fun to bicycle through. I try to think of it as a chance to use my rain gear, which helps a little.

  5. PaddyAnne Says:

    Its heartening to know that others are having some rain too! Its only been yesterday in the late afternoon, and today, in which you could call even close to nice spring weather! Love the 1st shot of the umbrella and red/pink skirt.

  6. Dan Says:

    Yes, it has been a little rough this spring so far. I’m looking for a reprieve in May. #optimist

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