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Not much riding this weekend

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

I was hoping to get out for a long ride this weekend, but I have multiple large projects going on simultaneously for school, so I almost didn’t get to ride at all.

I was in a rotten mood earlier today. After spending some time with my wife, while simultaneously working on a photography project, I started feeling a bit better. Then, I managed to sneak out  for maybe 30-45 minutes on the singlespeed. It wasn’t a long ride, but it helped clear the mind and I felt ready to focus on my next project afterwards. Sometimes, it’s surprising how much even a little ride helps.

I’ve made some changes to the singlespeed. The Brooks B17 wasn’t working for me, so I took the saddle off my 29er and put it on the singlespeed. It’s a lot better, although this saddle isn’t great if I’m not wearing biking shorts. So, I still need to figure out the best course of action.  The saddle change also forced a saddle bag change. This saddle will need to go back on the 29er, so I’ll have to buy a saddle for the singlespeed; now I’m leaning toward a WTB like I have on the Trucker.

I also put clipless pedals on it. They’re OK, but my foot placement feels a little awkward. I feel like I’m sitting too far back, maybe, even though the saddle is as far forward on its rails as it will go. This problem might actually be related to the stem, which I haven’t been able to change yet — it’s too long.

Those issues are noticeable, but I really wasn’t bothered by them, or even thinking about them, during my ride. I “just rode” for probably eight miles or so. I didn’t even bring the GPS, which is unusual for me, even on a short ride. Here are a couple of photos from the ride. I was in the 50s today so it killed me that I couldn’t ride longer, but I made the most of the time I had.



5 Responses to “Not much riding this weekend”

  1. Tim S Says:

    Making the most. Better’n nuthin’. My afternoon might be some of the same, but better than nothing.

  2. Tim S Says:

    And I have to say that I’m liking the white/black/flaming red bar hoods. Fun combo.

  3. Jon Grinder Says:

    It’s amazing how little bike riding is actually required to lift a mood, isn’t it? I’m the same way wwith the guitar. Sometimes, I sit down on the couch and play for 5 minutes, and it’s like a cloud has lifted.

  4. John Romeo Alpha Says:

    I’m with Tim, white/black/flaming red is a most powerful color combination. Seek a coordinated red water bottle immediately, however.

  5. Asher Says:

    I don’t feel quite as bad now about missing my weekend mileage goal of, like, 40 miles by, like, 38.2 miles, heh.

    Also, I agree with everyone else on all points raised, and second the motion for a coordinated water bottle 🙂

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