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Browns and yellows

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I’ve been experimenting with camera techniques — and decided to start using Photoshop again. I used to use it quite a bit, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. Some of this was inspired by my photography class. Interestingly enough, I’m not really learning any new technical information in that class. BUT, I am getting lots of inspiration from looking at, and discussing, photos by others. Inspiration to create something new, rather than capturing scenes exactly as I find them.

Looking at the shots I chose to work on first, these experiments were actually tangential to my main purpose for shooting that day. I’ll get to those shots when I get a chance. Right now, I’m going with my gut, and working on whatever image or style I feel like at any given moment.





I’d love to hear your thoughts.

8 Responses to “Browns and yellows”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very different, and I enjoyed them all. Even though brown, I liked the sharpness of the tree branches on the last one best…or maybe it was that rural road calling me…

  2. Bill Lambert Says:

    Yes, the biker in me asks, what’s down that road (last photo)?

  3. the flat tire Says:

    I like number one and number three.
    Those are talking to me.

  4. Tim S Says:

    second from bottom is particularly nice.

  5. Errin Says:

    Ha! Looks like you were reading my blog while I was reading yours! Personally I like the last one the best. Like Bill says above, I want to go down that road.

  6. Steve A Says:

    The man knows his audience. Bottom shot.

  7. Asher Says:

    While the second from last is definitely my favorite (so lacy! so delicate! so … hm … icy!), I also really like the third to last. It’s sort of moody and haunting in a way that I think is really neat. The first has a misty, dreamy quality; the second seems almost nostalgic — it reminds me of old, slightly over-exposed Kodachromes from before I was even born that are in my Mom’s photo albums. The last one is absolutely beautiful, and like everyone else, makes me want to roll down that road. There’s something at once lonesome and inviting about it. You look at it, and you almost feel the chill rising up from the earth and smell the scent of late winter.

  8. greg Says:

    In terms of “toners”, I am a big fan. I am an ex-photographer from the days of darkrooms and my favorite toner was one called hypo-alum. What was so nice was that it would start warming from the highlights and work it’s way into the shadows slowly. SO you would get a sort of split tone image that worked really well. The shadows would really ssem to deepen in contrast with the warmer highlights and mid-tones. I imagine you could do the same in photoshop.

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