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School is demanding

Monday, January 17th, 2011

I’ve hardly had any time for riding, aside from riding to/from campus and riding between classes and work, this past week. My first week of classes was not too difficult academically, but the riding was demanding. Cold temperatures, inches of snow, and new routes to learn. It’s been rough.

We had a three-day weekend this weekend, and I hoped to get some good solid mileage in, but I spent basically the whole time working on a mammoth photography assignment. The amount of work seems over the top, especially for a class aimed at non-majors, and I think the professor realizes this, as he gave us a¬†week-long¬†extension. Naturally, this didn’t happen until almost the entire weekend was gone. I got to ride a few miles today (six, to be precise). It’s been frustrating not having time for riding, but I hope that this is a temporary setback, and that future assignments will be less demanding. I’ve actually been having fun with the project — I love taking photos — but the time commitment has been way more than I anticipated.

The good news is, my brain is being used in ways it hasn’t in many years. I’m learning so much. There’s only one class I’m not excited about, and that is my Computer Science class. Part of the reason is that it’s very basic material, frankly below my current skill level. But there is enough flexibility with the projects that I can branch out into new areas. Furthermore, I’ve been feeling less interested in programming in general, and as time goes on, I feel more strongly about this point. Currently the best approach seems to be to supplement my technical work with more creative elements, to make things more interesting. I’m curious to see where this takes me.

I don’t feel bad that I have not had time for riding, except that I am supposed to be training for a 200 km brevet right now. But, riding has dominated my time the past few years and I need to balance that with some personal development in other areas.

7 Responses to “School is demanding”

  1. the flat tire Says:

    Photo makes you look at things differently.
    The class I mean.
    Once you are done, look back at your old images.
    They won’t be the same.

  2. Wil Says:

    I wondered what was up. I assumed that school would have you tied up a bit. I have always wanted to take up photography. Be sure to share your work with us. Don’t stress about training. Just ride as much as you can. The stress will not help you a all. Good luck with balancing things. It’s always a challenge.

  3. Chris Says:

    Ah, the balance. The elusive, the serene, and the for-only-a-moment.

    Best wishes in the pursuit.

  4. Steve A Says:

    Do photography classes still do darkroom technique or do they do Photoshop now?

  5. RANTWICK Says:

    I hate school. Really. I’ve been doing a correspondence thing to improve myself for work and I hate that too, but not as much real school.

  6. Apertome Says:

    I’ve taken photography courses before, but that was in high school. Then, they taught darkroom techniques.

    The course I’m taking now is for non-majors. It is emphatically *not* a darkroom class. The series of courses for Fine Arts majors do teach darkroom techniques.

    While I feel that knowing how to work in a darkroom gives you a lot of insight into photography in general, Digital has some real advantages for an intro course like this. Mainly, you can take as many photos as you want without any additional cost, making it easier to experiment.

  7. John Romeo Alpha Says:

    I loved school. Left to my own devices, I might never have graduated, just kept taking more classes, and getting more degrees. Except for the money thing. The student loans weren’t going to pay themselves.

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