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Day two of school

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Today I had classes, but no work. Mother nature is testing me this first week of classes. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight, and it continued to snow throughout the day. It was a wet, sticky snow that got all over everything. Local public schools were canceled, but IU almost never cancels classes.

My ride to work was not too bad. When public schools are canceled, there’s never much traffic. Some roads were sketchy.


This road hadn’t received any attention at all.


For a while, I followed this intrepid rider. She did not appear to have studded tires, but she was doing just fine. I was impressed.


Here’s a nice view from inside the Radio/TV building.




The Sample Gates are an icon on campus. I passed through them between classes.


There are many beautiful, old buildings on campus … many of which are made of local limestone.




There’s a wooded area right amongst some of the buildings. It’s small, but you can lose yourself and feel you’re out in the woods.


I stumbled upon this beautiful sculpture. Not sure what the story is behind this. A quick googling doesn’t turn anything up.



Here’s the bike after my last class.





My ride home from campus was sketchy. My rear brake wasn’t working too well … too much snow clung to it, and froze up.


I did, however, manage to find a random nature preserve, and a shortcut.




Here I am, almost home. You can see how the snow clings to everything.


Seriously, everything.


I planned to do a good training ride tonight, but the roads just got worse and worse. I decided to stay home tonight. A good choice, I think.

Classes are going well so far. I feel least interested in my Computer Science course, which is interesting as IT has been my chosen profession for the last several years. Maybe this is a chance to change course?

5 Responses to “Day two of school”

  1. Jon Grinder Says:

    I feel for your pain. I need to get some miles under me to prepare for my birthday ride, in May (50th birthday = epic ride). But, the snow and the temperatures are conspiring against that. Supposed to be in the upper 40s/ low 50s here in Denver, this weekend, though.

  2. Chris Says:

    It appears to be a lovely campus, and I hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with academic life. The riding conditions appear…uh…adventurous.

  3. the flat tire Says:

    Wow! your bike was frozenated!
    A bike-sicle!
    I went back to school interested in the sciences, particularly physics.
    Came out an art major.
    Not that it’s doing me any good.
    Right now.

  4. PaddyAnne Says:

    Good luck on your return to school. Your photo of the trees in front of the school – taken with the school at an angle – is a really nice photo. I didn’t comment on your Day One post, but I think the milk crate is the perfect bike basket for that Totally Rad Student Look. It also shows up nicely in snowy weather and I bet rainy weather too. A hint: take an extra bag with you to put over your seat. No wet pants!

  5. Steve A Says:

    The snow didn’t appear to dampen your spirits based on the smile!

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