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Christmas lights!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas, generally. Sometimes my wife thinks I’m a bit of a grinch, in fact. However, I will take advantage of any excuse to add more lights to my bicycle. I dug my battery-powered LED Christmas lights out of a box, and tricked out the Trucker with them. They’re bright and fun and help with visibility, to boot. I’ve been putting Christmas lights on my bikes for a few years now, though I think I forgot to do so last year. Usually I get some nice comments about them, but that hasn’t happened yet.



I continue to commute by bicycle every day. The biggest problem this time of year is really the extra time it takes to put on layers, and then take them off at the other end. And my commuting speed is way down, but I’ve been enjoying taking it a bit slower. I’ve been dealing with the cold just fine. We’ve had single digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures several times, and windchills, a couple of times, below zero. I have my gear figured out well enough that I usually don’t have to give too much thought to what to wear.

I’m surprised how cold it’s been, and how much snow we’ve had already. We’ve been seeing January weather in December. It makes me wonder what the rest of the winter will be like.



In fact, we’re supposed to get anywhere from 1-8 inches of snow tonight, depending on who you believe, and possibly some sleet or freezing rain mixed in. My ride to work tomorrow could get interesting. I’m looking forward to it!

12 Responses to “Christmas lights!”

  1. PaddyAnne Says:

    The lights look good on your bike! Your last pic is really nice with the low sun in the clouds.

  2. Steve A Says:

    Now you’ve done it! I shall have to see if I can find my battery lights, though they’re not nearly as colorful as yours.

  3. Myles/ rattrappress Says:

    I like the Christmas lights. They should help a little with side visibility.

    I’ve got alot of respect for you guys up north. I couldn’t handle riding in the conditions you deal with.

  4. Bill Lambert Says:

    The lights are great!

  5. John Romeo Alpha Says:

    I think putting sleigh bells on each ankle so that you jingle as your ride along would be right in line with these delightful decorations.

  6. doc Says:

    …and either a red Santa cap or a blinking Rudolf nose.

  7. Apertome Says:

    You guys are taking it way too far. Bah humbug!

  8. wil Says:

    man, you beat me to the lights. I was checking out some battery operated lights to put on my bike. Maybe then I will be seen better. It doesn’t matter what you do sometimes, they just don’t notice you out there. good blog, keep it coming.

  9. Jon Grinder Says:

    Dammit. We still don’t have any snow, in Denver. I’m beginning to get jealous, now that it’s cold. If it’s gonna be cold, might as well be pretty, too!

  10. Apertome Says:

    That’s how I feel about it too, Jon. Exactly.

  11. John Says:

    Being the light guy you are, these may interest you. I have both. They are expensive so I spread out the purchases, but they are neato and get lots of comments. Things like Sweeeeeeet from the kids, and groovy cool daddy-o from my progressive friends.


    down low glow from my blog friend in Rochester, NY.

  12. Sutter Says:

    Cool lights…

    Here in California even a little rain stops us from riding. We had to skip several days of riding our lighted bikes. You can see pictures of our lights at http://www.bikeswithlights.com


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