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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

A while back, I found a nice waterproof film camera at a thrift store. I meant to test it before our trip, but I never did. It’s a Canon WP1 or something like that. Anyway, it worked well the first time I used it, at the beach. The waves were bigger that day due to distant Hurricane Igor, but some of us ventured out in the water to face the waves. We got knocked around pretty well, and my foot was sore until the next morning, but no permanent damage was done.



One of our friends is in this next shot, enveloped by the waves.





My friends were amused that I took the camera out in the waves. I’d dive toward a wave, holding the camera out, trying to get a good shot. I admit, I was pretty dedicated.

Later in the week, we did an amazing kayaking trip (more on this later), but sadly the film did not advance, so I have no kayaking photos. I have no idea if this camera will work the next time I try to use it, or not. I’m hoping that I can fix it, somehow.

One Response to “Waves”

  1. David Crowell Says:

    Cool pictures. It’s nice to have a cheap waterproof camera. I wouldn’t want to drag my only working digital camera out into the water.

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