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Mileage, vision, and a brief break from the heat

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I fell just barely shy of 500 miles for June. I hit 496 on Tuesday, and thought I’d get the few extra yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Alas. I can’t really feel bad about 496 miles in  a month, though. Also, I passed the 2,000 mile mark for the year last week.

Tuesday night, I did a hard training ride. It wasn’t a particularly difficult route, but I rode harder than usual. It felt good, I really pushed it more than usual, but I wouldn’t want to ride that way all the time.

I got contact lenses. They are so much better for riding. I have peripheral vision again! And, now I can wear any sunglasses I want. I picked up a pair with interchangeable lenses. I’m amazed at how much better they are than my old glasses + clip-on sunglasses. It used to be any time I hit 30 mph, my eyes would well up with tears and it’d be hard to see. I’ve passed 47 mph on downhills a couple of times in my sunglasses, with no tears in my eyes whatsoever.

I’ve also found that I really like the red lenses. They’re dark enough to help in bright light, but I can still see in the shadows. And, they just make things look nice.

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days. Naturally, it’s supposed to heat up again for the holiday weekend. I’m planning on doing a club ride for sure, and some other riding, but I’m not sure yet what else I will do. We’ll also have houseguests, which will be a lot of fun.

4 Responses to “Mileage, vision, and a brief break from the heat”

  1. Bill Lambert Says:

    Congratulations on the mileage! I’d been thinking about contacts also so I could get regular sunglasses. However, just the thought of jabbing that thing in my eye makes me well up with tears. Happy 4th of July!

  2. Jon Grinder Says:

    Rose-colored glasses, eh?

    I had a brief spell (3 or 4 years) when presbyopia actually cured my near-sightedness and I could ride in real sunglasses. I agree that they are tons better than regular glasses, for riding.

    Alas, time marches on and I’m now far-sighted, and forced back into corrective lenses. I just can’t wrap my head around the contact lens thing, though…

  3. Tim S Says:

    I was pretty shocked to see that I’m just short of 1,000 for the year. It’s my lowest total for a few years. I’m slowly getting back though. As for yours, good job on that. And as for riding harder, well, have fun. I did that alot in my early 30s too. =)

  4. Doug Says:

    Congrats on 496 miles of fun. I’ve had a couple of very low mileage months (for me). May was only a 225 mile month. But I took a two week, non-biking vacation. June was a 352 mile month. It is much lower than what I had planned. I had a 400 mile 7 day bike trip planned. I had to cancel that due to a summer cold. 🙁

    My July mileage is already looking better. I hope to devote more time to riding for the rest of the year. I have 2,500 miles this year and hope to finish with 5,000-6,000. I’m hoping for massive amounts of snow this winter. Having a lot of miles on the legs going into snowbiking season helps make the snowbiking more enjoyable. Riding in snow is not something that can be easily done if you’re not fit.

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