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Heat and storms

Monday, June 21st, 2010

For the last couple of weeks, the weather here has been characterized by two things: heat and storms. We’re talking strong storms with high wind (even a few tornadoes), torrential rain, flooding, and impressive displays of lightning and thunder. The storms have popped up pretty randomly, but have mostly been in the evening or at night, making evening rides difficult some days.

Now it seems perhaps the storms have tapered off, but the heat and humidity are kicking in stronger. On my way to work this morning, the heat index was already 90 degrees, and with 90% humidity, I was quite sweaty by the time I got to work. Yikes!

I’m trying to get acclimated to the heat, but it’s hard for me. I don’t handle heat well. I’ve been doing better with it so far this year, but it’s only getting hotter.

Update: added screenshot from weather.com

One Response to “Heat and storms”

  1. David Crowell Says:

    Yup. I’m watching the weather closely for the next hour or so. If things don’t get ugly I’m going on my first bike camping trip. 🙂 Going solo however.

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