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May cycling stats

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Well, May was a great month for cycling for me. I rode a grand total of 579.37 miles, possibly a new record for me.

Here’s how the miles broke down:

  • Commute: 188.46
  • Mixed terrain: 59.25
  • Mountain: 15.80
  • Road: 375.11

I also rode my first century ride and got a new road bike. Plus, I got to ride with a few other like-minded riders. Wow, what a month!

I’m hoping that June will be as good, or better. There’s another organized century ride on the radar … this one is a lot hillier, and it will probably be hot, so it will be significantly harder. There are shorter routes available if it gets too brutal, but I’m hoping to go the whole 100 miles.

My bicycles have been shifting roles. When my commute was shorter, I used to commute on The Beast, but since we moved and my commute is longer, the Trucker, which was my road/mixed-terrain bike, is becoming more of a workhorse, seeing commuting duties as well. Now that I have a road bike, the Trucker won’t see as much pure road duty, but will still be used for mixed terrain, and of course camping trips, whenever I finally get around to doing another one.

My mountain bike hasn’t seen a lot of action recently, but I intend to use it to heavily explore more trails and gravel roads in Hoosier National Forest.

The new road bike continues to impress me. It’s just a dream to ride. I realized after my ride on Sunday that I hadn’t struggled as much with the hills on Popcorn Road. I think that this lighter, more efficient bicycle is making climbing easier, which I hope will help extend my range as well.

3 Responses to “May cycling stats”

  1. Chris Says:

    As your friend, it is my duty to warn you. Be careful with speed. It is addicting.

  2. Bill Lambert Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of riding! Great job!

  3. David Crowell Says:

    I’m ready for tomorrow!

    My May mileage was 413.5, but March was 574.9. I’m hoping to blow completely past 600 miles for June.

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