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Another ride on the Bianchi

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Last night after work I headed out for another ride on my new Bianchi Imola. The route was rather routine, but this ride blew me away. I’m getting more comfortable on the bike and this time I rode hard — harder than I have in some time.

I’m still not going to be setting any speed records, but at least this bike responds to hammering. On the Long Haul Trucker, hammering feels like a waste. Even standing to climb seems futile, the extra energy expenditure doesn’t seem to result in much. It’s best to sit and spin in a low gear. But on the Bianchi, when I stand on the pedals, it takes off like a shot. ¬†On some minor hills where I would just spin slowly up on the Trucker, with this bike, I pedal a little harder and roll right over them.

Bigger hills are still a challenge, of course, especially since the gearing is higher than I’m used to. But I find I’m quickly adjusting to that as well.

Last night’s ride was revelatory. Because the Bianchi is so responsive, mild-to-moderate hills don’t slow me down as much. Turns are taken in one smooth motion. Rather than plodding along on each section of the route, I feel like I’m flowing through the entire ride. And since the bike feels so magically smooth, a few times, I felt like I was floating.

I feel like I’ve been reintroduced to a whole different kind of riding that I had forgotten about since I sold my old road bike: the pure, intense road ride. I feel much more focused on the riding component of the ride than I do on my touring-minded Trucker rides … and I love it. I’ll never be a full-time hammerhead, but it’s nice to have the option. Even just cruising along on the Bianchi is easier, so it’s not just an advantage for those hardcore rides.

I still took the time to take a few photos.






8 Responses to “Another ride on the Bianchi”

  1. Dale Goodwin Says:

    Uhh…you’re gonna need to get new bidons….so…not pro….haha

  2. RANTWICK Says:

    Hey, nice post and pics. Also, Dale, what’s a bidon?

  3. furiousball Says:

    to answer RANTWICK’s question, a bidon is a type of crouton that is won at an auction.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Nah, furiousball, a bidon is obviously one of those nether-region cleaning devices popular in Europe. Go pro indeed.

  5. Bill Lambert Says:

    I thought bidons were those big brown furry things that live out west on the plains.

  6. Doug Says:

    And once again I say…I can’t believe you rode your LHT all over those PA mountains. That’s a lot of work. As much as I love my LHT, I also love a good road ride on a good road bike. I see you’re discovering that as well.

  7. Andrew Livingston Says:

    Great photos I hope we get to see some helmet cam footage soon of the Imola.

  8. John Says:

    I know what you mean about the speed and ease of a good road bike. My Felt gives me the same. I still really like the Novara touring bike though. I have it all lit up with a monkeylectric and a down low glow. But the Felt is for “ride’n”

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