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10,000 miles

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

In February of 2007, I started to log my cycling miles, using mycyclinglog.com. I’m not obsessive about setting mileage-related goals, but I am obsessive about documenting what I’ve done. I like numbers.

I especially like this particular number: as of this evening, I have ridden 10,011.07 miles since I started keeping track.

That number is still baffling me. 10,000 miles on a bike? Wow!

Let’s see how that breaks down:

  • Road: 6971.86 or 69.7%
  • Mixed-terrain: 1814.40 or 18.1%
  • Commuting: 1977.97 or 19.8%
  • Mountain Biking: 977.96 or 9.8%

Yes, that adds up to more than 100%. “Mixed-terrain” miles are often also tagged as road or mountain bike miles, depending on the kind of riding. The 10,011.07 total is still correct.

On a side note, we are having a very beautiful spring. I love spring in Bloomington … the town earns its name. Here are a few recent shots. First up, the weeping cherry in our front yard is a gorgeous!



And here are some photos from some commutes and a road ride.





I have some other activities to blog about, but I’ve been having a hard time finding time to write about them. Soon …

7 Responses to “10,000 miles”

  1. Steve A Says:

    1000 miles of trails is more impressive than all the rest put together. Road miles don’t count…

  2. Bill Lambert Says:

    10,000 miles is a whole lot of miles – Congratulations!

    I’ve only lived in Wisconsin and Indiana, but have traveled over much of the US and eastern Canada. Spring time in Indiana is THE Best I have observed anywhere! The birds, the trees, the flowers, the fresh air. We’re supposed to get snow tonight, did you check the forecast?

  3. furiousball Says:

    whoa… nice job amigo and yeah that cherry tree is beautiful

  4. John Says:

    10k is only the beginning. A drop in the bucket. Imaging the miles when it is half full. Say 2030 that even then you won’t be my age yet.

    I hope you clicked you heels when you metioned spring in Bloomington. “There’s not place like home. There’s no place like home.”

  5. Jon Grinder Says:

    Nice round numbers always make me feel good. Congrats on the 10K!

  6. Chandra Says:

    awesome! in another 2-3 years, i might get close to that #.
    many more happy miles!!
    peace 🙂

  7. bill Says:

    Outstanding shots as usual – hoping to see more and more southern Indiana spring from your perspective…oh – and that “whole lotta bike miles” stuff is kinda cool, too (hah!).

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