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Stitches out

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I had doctor’s appointment today, and they removed my stitches. As is often the case, I went to the doctor’s office feeling fairly well, with not much pain. By the time I left, it was a much different story. The suture removal was painful, and then they were poking and prodding to make sure everything was OK. Ouch.

So, that was pretty rough, but, I’m glad that part is over. The doctor said everything is healing well and that now I can do any activities I feel comfortable with … including biking. That’s great in theory, but my foot is still far too tender to do anything of the sort. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, in the 6os and sunny, and being cooped up was driving me crazy. It was absolutely perfect weather for a ride.

As it was, I managed to go for a walk around the block with my wife and dog, and it was glorious. I feel lucky I was able to do that; I just need to take it one step at a time.

They took more X-rays today and showed me before/after x-rays of my toe. In the before shot, you can see where the bones in my joint had a bulge that was digging into the flesh. In the “after” shot,  you can see how my doctor shaved off part of the bones to smooth things out.  Pretty amazing, really. I complain about the pain, but given what was done, it could be a lot worse.

I’ve been working from home since the surgery. Tomorrow is my first day back in the office … and I’m not exactly sure yet how I’m going to get there, since we only have one car. Logistics could be interesting. I hope I don’t have too much trouble getting around the office. I’m hoping this will be another step in getting things back to normal.

7 Responses to “Stitches out”

  1. Chris Says:

    Well, let’s call it progress. A step in the right direction. I realize that it is very easy to encourage someone else to be patient, but harder to do it. The times I’ve had similar set-backs, I was very hard to live with. I’ll just encourage you to be better than me. Someone will really appreciate it.

  2. Chandra Says:

    Glad the stitches are gone now and good luck with everything tomorrow!
    Peace 🙂

  3. Errin Says:

    Congrats on getting your stitches out! I know how you feel. I broke my leg and fractured or dislocated 4 out of 5 toes last year. I spent the first 3 months of the year on crutches. Be patient, it’ll heal, and that first bike ride will be worth the wait.


  4. furiousball Says:

    however you get there, i demand helmet cam

  5. doc Says:

    Since you only have one good leg for now, borrow a scooter.

  6. Bill Lambert Says:

    Take care of the foot first, biking will follow soon.

  7. Myles/ rattrappress Says:

    You’ll heal up quickly but you should insist on continuing to work from home. Limp into your office tomorrow, purposefully trip over the first obstacle you see, knock over computers, coffee mugs, cubicles etc. as you dramatically fall. Then clutch your foot and cry. That should get you a couple more weeks at home.

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