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More commute footage

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Here are a couple more commuting videos. In the first, I show the bike lane on Lincoln Street here in Bloomington. This is really a poorly-designed bike lane. Here are some problems:

  • Throughout – Bike lane is situated in the door zone. Riding on the left edge of it helps, but I still don’t feel 100% safe with it. Sometimes I have to ride in the traffic lane to avoid the door zone.
  • 0:22 –  Weird dividers between the bike lane and traffic lane. Not sure if these are really problematic but they seem odd and make me a little nervous.
  • 0:34 – Hazard in bike lane (manhole cover, slippery when wet)
  • 0:50 – Starting at this point, the street gets wider and the bike lane moves to the far right of the street, which soon becomes a right-turn-only lane. I avoid this by staying in the main traffic lane to go straight. After the intersection, the bike lane continues on the far right, which once again becomes a right-turn-only lane. I suppose you could go straight from the right lane, but this seems like you’d be setting yourself up for a right hook.
  • 1:39 – The bike lane continues on the far right, but this is a one-way street. State law permits riding on either side. If you want to turn left (as I did), you have to maneuver across the traffic lane anyway.

In my view, this road is good for biking, and would be even better *without* the bike lanes. They encourage/force unsafe riding practices — riding in the door zone, going straight from a turn lane.

Here’s another video, in which I go through part of downtown Bloomington. I had previously been taking a route that missed the square entirely, but I’ve discovered it’s actually very pleasant riding by the square.

3 Responses to “More commute footage”

  1. Bill Lambert Says:

    We’ve got a bike lane in downtown Fort Wayne like yours in the first video. I don’t like it either. I feel pinned in when both lanes of traffic have cars in them and cars are parked along the side. I’m afraid someone’s going to open a door and I’ll swerve into traffic.

    I hope your foot heals quickly and doesn’t give you any more troubles.

  2. Steve A Says:

    Why do they create such bike lanes? While your editing skills may be rapidly improving, I only counted two cars pass you. You are wise to avoid riding into those right hook traps. I don’t know about riding that white line. You reduce the door risk but trade it for a sideswipe risk. I think I’d ride the lane since there’s not much traffic anyway. If a car were stuck behind, there are enough gaps to signal a rightward move into the bike lane to facilitate a pass with good clearance. A pure judgment call either way as long as you avoid those RT traps. I’d file a written complaint about those to get it on the record.

    BTW, the helmet cam really does a good job of bringing your head checks to the viewer’s attention. Be sure to point those out to your wife.

  3. furiousball Says:

    i love the helmetcam and best wishes with the surgery brother. i want a helmet cam video worn during something mundane, like brushing your teeth. 🙂 How about during the surgery!??!

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