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Wonder, frustration, and hope

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

It’s a beautiful day. I walked outside to go to lunch and the sun was shining brightly … and for the first time in quite a while, the sun felt warm. 42 degrees has never felt so great. As I walked through downtown Bloomington, I felt a sense of wonder at the bright sun, deep blue sky and small puffy clouds in the distance.

Minutes later, I found myself brooding. Just as winter’s grasp begins to weaken, I have to have surgery. I won’t be able to take advantage of the nicer weather for at least a couple of weeks. Hell, I won’t even be able to walk to lunch for a while.

The further I walked, the more my foot hurt. Soon I was limping along, still enjoying the sun, but having a little trouble getting around. I’ve had a few doubts about my surgery, as my foot really doesn’t hurt too badly most of the time. But at that moment, I realized, quite clearly, that the surgery is definitely the right thing to do. And that in the long run, I will recover and be better off.

All of this feels a little melodramatic. My foot doesn’t hurt too badly now, and the surgery is supposed to be relatively minor. But, now I feel much more relaxed, focused, and confident. Sometimes a good walk does wonders for clearing your mind.

6 Responses to “Wonder, frustration, and hope”

  1. Jon Grinder Says:

    Amen, brother!

    Plus, this might give you a bit of an opportunity to work on your music, again.

  2. sharon winget Says:

    hi..i am sarah’s aunt…good luck with your surgery…will be thinking about you..tell sarah hi from all of us..aol.com

  3. furiousball Says:

    Jon’s got the right idea – want to put the band back together as part of the healing process? 🙂

  4. Steve A Says:

    I DO hope that you won’t feel compelled to video the whole thing with that helmet cam! Seriously, good luck and I imagine we’ll hear a bit about it while you’re recovering. Limping is no fun.

  5. Some Free Advice On How To Win The Boyfriend Back Says:

    […] Ear to the Breeze » Blog Archive » Wonder, frustration, and hope […]

  6. RANTWICK Says:

    Feet are important, man. Good call.

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