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Commute Video

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

We are in the midst of moving to our new house. So, I’m more or less just going to be posting a video from a recent commute. I was going to post it in its entirety, but YouTube has a 10-minute limit, so I had to edit some parts out. I removed 4-5 minutes to make it fit in the allotted time. Like the previous video, there’s nothing particularly interesting about this ride, except this one is the commute I ride every day (or I *did* ride every day — my commute will be completely different now that we are moving).

When I posted the test video, I was surprised at how much attention people were paying to various details, and some of the comments talked about my riding style and traffic controls in the brief ride. So, I’m curious what people will see here.

Before I post the video, I have a few unrelated comments.

  1. For quite a while now, I have been having some problems with my little toe on my left foot. Nothing has worked to get it to heal on its own, so I will be having surgery next Friday. It’s fairly minor and routine, or so I’m told, but I’m very much not looking forward to it. I will be off the bike for at least two weeks. After two weeks, the stitches come out and I can do whatever I’m comfortable with.
  2. Moving, and doing some work in the new house, is proving to be very time-consuming. So I have not done much riding. We also don’t have Internet access in the new place yet, so it’s proving difficult to blog much.
  3. My new commute will be close to twice as long as the old one, so things are going to get more interesting on the commuting front. I already started riding the Trucker when the weather isn’t too bad, and I have to say, it makes my commute much more enjoyable.
  4. I tried to make a video of a fantastic night ride I did with my friend Dave. It was cold, dark, snowing, windy, and we were riding on hilly gravel roads. It was phenomenal! Unfortunately, the helmet cam does not handle darkness very well. I’m not sure yet if any of the footage will be salvageable.

Anyway, back to the commute video: I hope you enjoy it!

8 Responses to “Commute Video”

  1. furiousball Says:

    i love the helmet cam. i say you wear it for an entire day at work too.

  2. Steve A Says:

    Note to “The Wife.” This video is very nice and smooth and quiet, don’t ya think? What’s more, those pedestrians had no reason to scream whatsoever since he passed them with GOBS of clearance. I also noticed lots of stopping and looking at those stop signs. Head checks really look dramatic from a helmet cam. Maybe a bit of editing expertise at the one 5:20 into it might still be warranted, but otherwise, I advise dropping the life insurance coverage down a bit and giving the guy an extra hug.

    My only request – none of you tell MY wife about this spy cam stuff! I am extremely fortunate she doesn’t read Apertome’s blog. My wife’s name, uh, “Sarah,” that sounds good.

  3. Steve A Says:

    PS: I’d NOT want to wear that cam around work until I got better at editing, especially around the coffee pot.

  4. Bill Lambert Says:

    Good luck at the doctor. I hope your toe heals quickly.

    I can’t fully express this idea with words, other than to say that watching the helmet cam while you ride your bike is mesmerizing. There is nothing like riding a bike, and the helmet cam captures the very essence of riding.

  5. Redbike Says:

    Riding on the right feels very odd to me. Likewise at the junctions i’m looking for road markings and signage that just isn’t there.

  6. John Says:

    I showed this to my young co worker who just bought a big ole truck with a hemi and extended cab. He wasn’t impressed. I suspect it was because there was no music. Or maybe no vroom vromm noises.

    I like it though.

  7. Apertome Says:

    I’d like to put music, but in the past when I’ve done that, it’s been disabled by YouTube for being copyrighted or somesuch nonsense.

  8. Ryan Says:

    I love the video. When you reached up to adjust/wipe-off the camera lens at 6:16, it freaked me out. I was looking away at that time and didn’t see your hand come up. All of a sudden it looked like you had gone ass-over-apple-cart, thankfully that wasn’t the case

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