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A couple of winter photos

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Aside from commuting, I haven’t done much riding in the past couple of weeks. I have been busy, and also a bit lazy. I’m also having some sort of foot issue that’s not keeping me off the bike entirely, but it is definitely making me tread more lightly and avoid longer rides. I’d like to do some hiking, but that’s definitely not an option until my foot gets better.

I did get out for about a 17-mile ride with Dave on Sunday. It was mostly on paved roads, but we hit a bit of gravel as well. There was more snow away from town, more than I expected. The paved roads were clear, but the gravel was snowy and icy, and just beautiful. I rode my new mountain bike, and I have to say, the 29er handles better on the roads than my old 26″ mountain bike. My tires made hilarious noises on the pavement, though, I sounded like a tractor rolling down the road. There was only one noteworthy photo from that ride; here it is.


And here’s a photo of the bike path from my commute, sometime last week. Here you can see that it snowed, people walked and rode on the snow, and the snow melted and refroze. The rough ice was bumpy, but otherwise no problem, with the studded tires on my commuter.


One Response to “A couple of winter photos”

  1. Chris Says:

    That first photo is fantastic. It almost makes me want to ride in the cold.

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