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Wet, blustery snow

Monday, January 25th, 2010

It was around 30 degrees during my ride home from work today; not too cold, but between the blustery winds and getting pelted with wet snow, I wasn’t exactly comfortable. Most or all of the snow melted on contact with the roads, but I’m expecting it to freeze overnight. My ride to work in the morning could be interesting.

4 Responses to “Wet, blustery snow”

  1. Bill Lambert Says:

    Be careful!

  2. David Crowell Says:

    There was similar weather here, but the wind was a helpful tail wind. It made up for the headwind on the way to work.

    I’m not an everyday commuter, so I’m not sure about tomorrow yet. We’ll see.

  3. Redbike Says:

    I’ve found that snow, provided it’s not deep, doesn’t realy pose much of a problem. Even narrow slick road tyres seem to grip reasonably well. Ice on the other hand….

  4. furiousBall Says:

    you should use those make-believe tires you’ve got

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