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Ride around Lake Lemon

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

On Saturday, I rode around Lake Lemon with Dave. This was a paved-road ride, and Dave is more of a mountain biker, so this was a bit different. I rode my Long Haul Trucker, and he put slick tires on his full-suspension Cannondale Prophet mountain bike. The bike disparity certainly put him at a disadvantage, but he rode very well despite this.

I rode to Dave’s house before the ride (7.5 miles or so). It was rather foggy, and the roads were wet. It was a weird week; the roads were wet all week, even on days when it didn’t rain. It was just VERY humid. It was also a very warm day, in the 40s. It may have even topped out around 50. It felt luxurious to ride without a ton of layers of clothing.


I got to Dave’s house, and we rolled out, right down a big hill to Lake Lemon. The water level was very low, and we saw a couple of people with a high-end video camera taping a group of riders. I wonder what that video was for. The lake looked especially beautiful, with the fog.





After debating which way to do the loop, we started riding, counter-clockwise. This is the way I prefer to do the loop … but each direction has its challenges. Going counter-clockwise, there’s one VERY steep hill, but it’s over before long. Going the other way you suffer for a lot longer, even if it’s not as steep.

We rode across the causeway.



After this, we rode around to the other side of the lake, and over some rolling hills. Then, up the very difficult hill described above.


As we made our way along the north side of the lake, Dave suggested we make a trip over to the spillway. I’d never been to this part of Lake Lemon before; it was rather small, given the size of the lake. We saw a couple of Great Blue Herons and some geese, and had some nice views to other parts of the lake. I had ridden very close to this spot many times before but never knew it was there.





We headed back toward the main road.


Once there, we had a few more hills, and then we reached a flat road for a few miles. We enjoyed the easier cruising on flat ground, after all the hills.


But, it wasn’t completely flat.



We turned onto another road, where we had quite a bit of climbing to do. It was very steep toward the bottom, and got easier after that, but it sure was a lot of climbing. Along the way, I took a photo of my favorite sign in the area …


Once we finished climbing that hill, it was just a few more miles back to Dave’s house, and then another 7.5 miles home. My total for the ride was about 37 miles.

This was a great ride. It was a route I’d done before, but not for a very long time. It was cool to do a road ride with Dave for a change, I love the gravel/mountain bike rides we usually do, but this was fun, too. And now I have a new spot to go to, the spillway.

It felt great to do some more road riding, I haven’t done enough of it recently.

3 Responses to “Ride around Lake Lemon”

  1. John Says:

    I haven’t had to climb a hill in over two years. I imagine it’s going to be painfull when I do it again this summer.

  2. Sarah Says:

    That’s an awesome photo of Dave.

  3. bill Says:

    As usual, great shots – I check your blog fairly often just to see what you’ve been shooting! Excellent stuff.

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