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Bicycling in 2009

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

With all the changes in our lives in 2009, I rode less than usual. I also lacked a commute until the last couple of months, and the miles in Pennsylvania were a lot harder earned, so there were fewer of them. Here are some stats for 2009:

Total miles: 2628.91
Road biking: 2016.74
Mountain biking: 301.32
Mixed terrain: 1447.62
S24O: 99.59

In 2008, I rode over 3000 miles; in 2007, it was over 3500 miles. So these stats aren’t that great overall, but they do show a lot of variety. In particular, I did a lot more mixed-terrain riding in 2009 than ever before, and I absolutely loved it.  I also had variety in that I got to ride in various places in Pennsylvania and Indiana. And there was a lot of beautiful scenery in both states. It appears I  also took over 20,000 photographs in the process (OK, a lot of those are duplicates).

I also got a new commuter (for $40!), and a new mountain bike toward the end of the year, though I did not get to try it on any serious trails until January 2010.

I usually do a “top 10 rides of the year” — I’ll try to write that post soon.

2 Responses to “Bicycling in 2009”

  1. Steve A Says:

    2628.91 is nothing to apologize for and you know it. The real question is: were they quality miles? I think we both think so. And some of them were home again miles, which are probably the best miles.

  2. Apertome Says:

    Good point. Yeah, moving away actually gave me an opportunity to do a lot of riding in a new place — more than I would get to do if we were on vacation, for instance. But then returning home — and riding on my home turf again — was just that much sweeter. It also gave me more confidence, because of the huge climbs I was able to do in PA, I know I can handle pretty much any hill here. Some might be too steep to ride, but that’s unusual. This in turn leaves me more free to explore.

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