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Halloween night hike

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

On Halloween, I suggested to Sarah that we should do something a little different: a night hike. This was the first night hike we’ve done, so we weren’t really sure if we’d like it, or if it would be too creepy. But it was Halloween, and the moon was nearly full; I figured doing something a little creepy would be fun. We went over to Yellowwood State Forest to hike the Jackson Creek trail. We hiked this trail on our wedding day.

It’s just a short trail, a mile and a half, or maybe a little less. The moonlight was so bright that I turned my flashlight off for most of the hike. We have done this trail several times before, and it was very interesting to see it in a different light (so to speak).

The air was cool and crisp. We trod upon a bed of leaves, which both softened our step and hid rocks and roots, which sometimes attempted to make us trip. I spotted a rabbit, and we heard coyotes yipping in the distance. We marveled at the brightness of the moon, and the shadows it cast. We smelled pine trees, and crossed creeks in the dark. We held hands and walked down this familiar path, through these woods that mean so much to us, completely alone together. We had the forest to ourselves. We turned our lights off and stood arm-in-arm under the moonlight. It was perfect. But, it was over too soon.

Suffice it to say, we really liked it. I’m not sure we’ll do night hikes all the time, but there’s very little I enjoy as much as being out in the woods with my wife, and it’s great that we keep discovering new ways of doing just that.

After our hike, I wanted to try a few long exposures. Night photography is difficult, and I had some real problems, mainly with focusing. I need to work on it. But, here are a few shots anyway. I think the second shot may have Venus in it. Thanks to Sarah for being patient as I fiddled with my camera in the dark, even though it was getting cold.






2 Responses to “Halloween night hike”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very nice photos! I need to learn how to use my camera in non-point-and-shoot mode.

    Glad you had a meaningful outing together.

  2. Dave Says:

    Glad you got out for a night hike! I’ve hiked every evening this week for about an hour – the moon has been so bright that my headlamps has been on a total of 15 minutes in 5 hours of hiking. A great week for night hiking, indeed!

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