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Riding, but not writing

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Despite the fact that it’s rained a lot, and I haven’t written much here, I have done some great riding in the past week. Here are a few highlights.

Friendship, Getty’s Creek, Mount Gilead roads

After a very rainy day, I did another ride near the waterfowl resting area. The roads were still wet and it was terribly humid, to the extent that my glasses were fogging up. But the scenery and evening light were quite beautiful.






It’s a little hard to make it out, but in this next photo you can see a turkey vulture, startled by my approach, swooping up away from some roadkill.



Yellowwood Loop

View 2009-09-24 Yellowwod Loop in a larger map

This was a great ride in the rain. My friend Dave and I had been planning to ride and while the rain made the trails too muddy, we hit the gravel roads in Yellowwood State Forest. I didn’t bring a camera due to the conditions, but this was a really fun ride. A good (but not too grueling) climb up the gravel Yellowwood Lake Road,  then over to Dubois Ridge (also gravel) for some rolling hills mixed in with a lot of fun descending. I was expecting this ride to be rather grueling given the hills and the rain, but it was a blast. I rode the mountain bike, and some adjustments I made seem to have helped a little to make me more comfortable on that bicycle. I still have more tweaks to make, but progress is good.

Nebo Ridge plus Hickory Ridge trails 19-18-20

View 2009-09-26 Nebo & Hickory 19-18-20.kml in a larger map

On Saturday, Dave and Ken and I headed out to Nebo Ridge for some mountain biking. We all rode well … Ken turned in an especially strong ride, given that he has asthma and forgot his inhaler.

Nebo is always one of my favorite trails. With all the rain we had gotten, we were a little unsure what the conditions would be like. We were pleasantly surprised. Only the very beginning of the trail was particularly muddy. Once we climbed up onto the ridge, conditions were good. There was some mud here and there, and it slowed us down a bit, but it wasn’t bad at all.

I really expected to just ride Nebo Ridge, but we were all feeling strong when we reached the end of that trail and headed over for Hickory Ridge trails 19, 18, and 20. Now, both Nebo and Hickory Ridge are in Hoosier National Forest and are shared with horse traffic, but Hickory Ridge is less maintained and sees more horse traffic. It’s a real back-country experience. The mud this time made for a wilder ride than in the past.

Trail 19 was not too muddy, but there was more climbing than I remembered. 18 has some truly awesome descending, which was even more fun with the mud. A few times, I felt my rear tire fishtailing. It’s quite an experience to go bombing down a hill, dodging horse shit and puddles and trying to be prepared for the twists and turns the trail throws at you. We all rode well though and to me this is mountain biking at its best. I love the groomed, roller-coaster trails we usually ride on at Brown County State Park, but I love how rugged these trails in the national forest are.

We were all quite tired by the end of the ride, but Dave had brought some Bass Ale and we were very glad he did. There’s nothing like a cold beer after a ride.

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  1. mike Says:

    Nice to see some pics and words up! Congrats on getting the move over – seems like you are re-settling in.

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