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Duke Road

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Note: I added a map.

Last week, after reading¬† my blog post about my ride on McGowan Road, Mitch Rice (whose Biking the Hoosier Uplands blog I have followed for some time)¬† offered to show me another way to explore the same area. His route went out 446/Knight Ridge Road, then onto Duke Road. This is a narrow, paved road that follows the top of a ridge for a couple of miles before the pavement ends and the “road” plunges steeply down toward the Salt Creek valley. It’s a rocky, eroded descent, and I really had to go slowly. The Trucker handled well, but I had some traction and pedal strike issues on the way down.

View Duke Road 09/16/2009 in a larger map




After that insane (but fun) descent, we spent a while in the valley, riding through fields, exploring trails, watching and listening to wildlife.


P1070945 P1070943





At one point, we stopped by the creek and looked across. We could see McGowan Road, where I had ridden during that previous ride.


We rode on, and took a path which just looped around. Now we know. Not that we were complaining — the area is just incredibly beautiful.







Eventually, we made our way over to Friendship Road, a gravel road which took us to the base of Lampkins Ridge. We climbed for some time, finishing the ride in the dark.

3 Responses to “Duke Road”

  1. Chris Says:

    It just occurred to me that maybe its not really as nice as you make appear. Maybe you are just really good at retouching photos, or maybe those are digitally created images.

    Probably not, huh?

    Thanks for the report and beautiful images, again.

  2. Tim Says:

    You’re taking me on this one at some point. looked fun.

  3. mike Says:

    PVC man is a trip! What a rig… At first I thought they were some sort of mirror attachments.

    When in San Fran earlier in the year I had a gent pass me on a beater MTB. From behind he had what looked like really wide wide bars sticking out – until he stopped at a trash can. He put a foot down, put a thin work glove on his right hand, and popped one of those hand-extender-pick-things-off-the-high-shelf-claw-grabbers from his custom made bar mount. Grabber was operated with left hand, went into can, bottle or can went into gloved hand then into a plastic trash bag stuffed into a pannier. Grabber snapped into bars, glove came off and snuggled between bars and grabber, and he rode on to the next can.

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