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Bunker Hill and Schooley

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I did a ride that’s becoming one of my usual routes. I go up Bunker Hill Road and down the other side, then take Carverton to 8th to Mt. Zion for some more climbing. Then down Schooley Road and finally back on the West Side Trail. Here’s a map.

View Bunker Hill and Schooley 06/23/2009 in a larger map

Even though this ride is becoming fairly routine, the scenery is constantly evolving. I was surprised how many wonderful wildflowers I saw during this ride. In Indiana, May is prime wildflower time — but here, the flowers seem relatively inactive until June.

I saw quite a few Tiger Lillies, which are Sarah’s favorite flower, but didn’t get any particularly interesting photos of them.  They are lovely.

Heading toward Bunker Hill

My favorite view from Bunker Hill Road grows more and more green and vibrant

A patch of wildflowers enhances the view

I hadn’t ridden in probably a week. We spent part of last week, and last weekend, on the road and in Bloomington, getting an apartment lined up. The Bunker Hill climb was harder than usual.

A neighboring ridge, as seen from Carverton Road

Carverton Road



Frances Slocum Lake

Some nice landscaping by the lake

As I was climbing on Mount Zion Road, I saw some absolutely beautiful clustered flowers. Some were pink/purple and the others were white. My handy wildflower book let me down a little bit here. My best guess based on the book is that these are some kind of Beardtongues, but nothing in the book quite matched what I saw. Any help identifying these would be appreciated. In some of the photos, you can see a little hair inside the flowers.







Mt. Zion Road

I rode over to Schooley Road, took a few photos and then made the awesome descent down the mountain. I’m a little less than pleased with the way my new brake pads are working out. I have used the salmon Kool Stop pads quite a bit in the past, but on this bike they feel too squishy. I think these pads may be shorter than the black Kool Stops I had on there before, and that might contribute to the problem. Anyway, I went slower than usual since my braking power is not quite ideal.




I rode over to the West Side Trail and took it most of the way home. It’s weird to go from climbing a mountain, to making a blistering descent down it, to riding on the perfectly flat roads in the valley, and then this trail. The feel of the ride goes from gueling to intense to a walk in the park in very little time.






2 Responses to “Bunker Hill and Schooley”

  1. furiousBall Says:

    purty flowers… what a fun looking ride buddy.

  2. tim Says:

    I have to finish all the pics, but the purple ones are ‘foxglove’/digitalis something or other . they’re poisonous and should be in a yard with dogs or kids.

    I’ll finish the pics now.

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