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Larch Tree Trail

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

On Sunday, Sarah and I decided to go for a hike. We just stayed close to home and went to Frances Slocum State Park. This time, we hiked the Larch Tree Trail and part of the Lakeshore Trail.

We parked by a picnic area and walked along the Lakeshore Trail, a wide path with some picnic tables. It was a beautiful day. We were cold at first, but it was sunny and as we got moving we warmed up considerably. A few signs of spring were noticeable, which was nice to see for a change.


Frances Slocum Lake

Cattail fluff

We were only on the Lakeshore Trail briefly. It dumped us out on a road, and then we went across a bridge to the Larch Tree trailhead.

A view of the lake from the road

We knew little about the Larch Tree Trail, other than that the pamphlet said it was “hilly.” We entered the woods, and the trail climbed for the better part of a mile. It was gradual most of the way.

Sarah (who got a great new haircut)

At the top, we saw a field just off the path and decided to venture out. It seemed like we might be able to see something from there. We were right. We spent a few minutes taking in the view, and the dog took advantage of the wide open space to do a little extra running. Sarah even laid on the grass for a couple of minutes to look at the sky and absorb some rays.

A nice view (Rob thinks so too)



A nice barn

Sarah laid down on the grass and took this one

I later figured out that we were looking out over Eighth Street. I often ride through the area immediately below where we were standing. It’s funny how different things look from a different vantage point.

The trail turned downhill and stayed that way. I guess “hilly” means it goes up a hill, and back down.

From the top, you can’t see much but you can get a sense that we have done some climbing

Sarah and Rob

Stone walls … in the woods!

After a bit, we went through a large stand of larch trees. Oddly, though, they had obviously been planted there, as they were in neat rows. Regardless, it made for a unique experience.

Larch trees

The trail, still going steadily downhill

More buds

We walked a little further and could see a deer further down the trail, looking right at us. We tried to get closer for a better shot, but she bounded off through the forest.


Soon, we were back at the road. We walked back over to the Lakeshore Trail. We will have to take a picnic here sometime, it would be a great place to relax and enjoy a meal. On the other hand, the field we found would be as well, and it’s a little more secluded.

A great place for a picnic

Sarah took this one … she has a penchant for solitary trees

Buds and sky

It was quite a pretty hike, and I liked that we saw such a variety of scenery in such a short distance (under three miles). I am looking forward to more outings like this: spending time with my lovely wife. Hiking, taking photos, laying in the grass, spotting wildlife. Maybe next time we bring a lunch. Sounds perfect to me.

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  1. furiousBall Says:

    beautiful shots, and i always like it when Rob and Sarah appear in your posts, they’re always smiling

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