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Photos from a few rides

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Here are some photos from a few rides that don’t necessarily need their own entries, but that I want to make sure to share. I’ve done a few night rides lately. Since the sun now sets around 4:45 pm, it’s dark by the time I finish working. This means that I have no chance of riding during daylight after work; I’ve learned that it’s better to wait until 6 or 7 to ride when possible, since before that there’s more traffic. I haven’t seen enough traffic around here to call it “rush hour,” but there is noticeably more traffic earlier in the evening.

I’ve found that I really enjoy riding on the Levee trail at night. There are very few people there, and part of it feels sort of remote. I ride along, hearing only the quiet whirring of my wheels, and get caught up in the repetitive act of pedaling. It’s very relaxing.

I have made a few attempts at night photography as well, and with my cheapish digital point & shoot camera, it’s challenging. However, it does have a Night mode that works pretty well for long exposures, so long as I have a solid place to set the camera. I sometimes use a Gorillapod, but it is pretty limited. I wish I had a taller, but still portable, tripod. Anyway, here are a few shots, most taken from near the Market Street Bridge.

Cyclist on Market Street Bridge

The Trucker on the bridge

Glowing lights over the Susquehanna River

Riding action shot — notice the headlight beam

Eerie full moon shot by the river


Moon and pillars

My old mountain bike (the Trucker was in the shop)



I also took some photos during a daytime ride in which I combined Bunker Hill and Larksville Mountain. There was a little more traffic than I would’ve liked during part of it, but overall it was quite enjoyable. There was one huge climb, and I was about to snap a great photo of the mountain when my camera refused to cooperate. Alas, I’ll have to go back.

Looking back, partway up the Bunker Hill climb

Trucksville United Methodist Church

“The White Church on the Hill”


I learned the other day that the Back Mountain Trail, which I have ridden a few times now, has been extended by about two miles. This should bring the total length to around 4.5 miles. The existing section is very enjoyable and provides a gradually-climbing, traffic-free way to get to the Back Mountain area. Unfortunately, the new section currently ends in the woods; hopefully, they’ll be able to make it go through soon.

The comments section of the article about the trail is quite interesting as well. Mostly positive, but there are some negative opinions in there as well, that sort of surprised me.

4 Responses to “Photos from a few rides”

  1. Jon Grinder Says:

    I kike riding at night, too. It’s rather peaceful.

    BTW I downloaded the Elements album, the other day. I like it quite a bit. Pretty different from the stuff I do, but I think that’s why I like it.

  2. Pedalman Says:

    Good night shots. I really like the moon through the tree.

  3. i, squub Says:

    That B&W moon-through-the-trees shot is fantastic.

  4. Doug Says:

    I haven’t commented much since you relocated. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped by. I’m really enjoying all your ride reports and photos. I get a bit jealous at times. It’s been 30 years since I left PA. I lived a long way from were you are. We lived in the hills of Pittsburgh. I miss the hills of western PA. I love riding hills on twisty country roads. The mountains were you are look bigger. But the countryside pictures don’t look all that different. Keep the reports coming and have fun.

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