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More mixed terrain

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

On Sunday, I did another mixed-terrain ride on the Long Haul Trucker. The same route I rode on this ride. It was a hot morning and I was sweating profusely but had a great ride. Lampkins Ridge Road kind of reminds me of how Shilo Road used to be, although not as rough. But it’s a long, mostly-downhill run down a ridgetop with lots of twists and turns. Simply a blast to ride. And as I came around a corner I saw a stunning view of some huge nearby hills and slammed on the brakes to get a photo. I had a few shifting problems from where I messed up my shifter so I just threw it in friction mode and it worked great — better sometimes than indexed mode. I can shift almost completely silently sometimes in friction mode, and it’s so smooth. This ride took me on paved and gravel roads, trails, and a bike path.

Rays of light

Stunning view

A better shot of the bridge on Friendship Road

Wildflowers and roads

A house for sale. I love that the rustic sign has a gmail address on it.

Sheer rock face on Kerr Creek Road

Steeper than it looks. A really tough climb.

Gravel drive

The Trucker has no problem with the roots

Overlooking a ravine

This pond had tons of frogs and toads, and you can sort of see a turtle in the middle, toward the bottom of the photo.

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    pink bottle

  2. Ridings and Ramblings « Bicycling in Bloomington Says:

    […] to the end of Friendship Rd to the bird resting place. I saw many large birds, so it was a treat. (Ear to the Breeze describes the route but I did it the opposite direction. […]

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