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Independence day weekend activities

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Things are looking up, I think. I have fresh, pink skin mostly covering where my scrapes were, and a good portion of the scabs have come off. There are still some scabs where the scrapes were deeper, and both my knee and my elbow are still pretty tender, but I feel like I’m making good progress. I’m a little less sure about my finger. There’s still some swelling and pain, but at the same time my range of movement continues to improve. I did a brief (4 mile) test ride on Saturday and everything felt pretty good. I was on my road bike, which has shifters built into the brakes, and I have to shift with my index and ring fingers, because my middle finger isn’t up to the task yet. I don’t quite have the same grip I did before but I can still hold on to the hoods and brake fairly well.

After my test ride, Sarah and I went for a hike. More on that in a minute.

On Sunday, I rode the Water Works route, and it went really well. I wasn’t sure if my finger could handle 20+ miles of riding, but it really didn’t bother me too much. It’s funny, I still can’t open a bottle of soda, but now I can ride 20 miles without too much trouble. Then again, if given the choice, I’d rather ride. I did feel some pain when I went over big bumps, but otherwise I was fine. Riding in the hoods or drops works better for me than sitting more upright and using the flat, middle part of the bars.

Anyway, it felt great to ride. I put forth a medium amount of effort, enough to feel I was getting a good workout, but I didn’t go all out. Even though I rode early in the afternoon, I saw two deer and had to slow down to let a wild turkey cross the road in front of me. I’m not sure who was more startled: the turkey crossing the road, or turkey on the bicycle. I was surprised to see so much wildlife, normally I would only expect to see those animals in the early morning or late evening.

Back to Saturday’s hike, Sarah and I took Rob (the dog) to hike the Pate Hollow trail near Lake Monroe.  We’ve hiked there before, but that was back in January. Everything looks so much different now, very green and lush. I forgot how cool this trail is — it has a lot of switchbacks, some fairly long climbs and a few creek crossings. We did a shortened version of the trail again this time; sometime we’ll have to go back and do the full 7+ miles. I’ve heard the other half of the trail is even better. It felt great to be outdoors together and get some exercise without aggravating my finger. Here are some photos from our hike.


The trail. If you look closely you can see the dog in the distance

One of many switchbacks




Wild raspberries



Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

I am pretty bummed that I can’t ride right now. It has been beautiful outside, and relatively cool for this time of year. I just know that my luck is such that by the time my finger heals, it’s going to be really hot outside. I also broke my camera in the wreck — the battery door is broken. It is still holding up for now, but I know it’s only a matter of time before it breaks off completely. My accidental-damage-coverage warranty ran out back in April, so I better start shopping for a new camera soon. Maybe I can make a rubber band or piece of tape work for a while.

I did try a test ride on Sunday of about 4 miles and while I was able to ride, I felt a lot of pain in my finger every time I hit a bump. I should probably wait at least a few more days before I try riding again.

The good news is, my finger feels a little bit better every day. If it continues to heal at this rate I’ll be back in the saddle before long.

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