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Hiking some mountain bike trails

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Last week, Sarah and I decided to hike the North Tower Loop, one of the mountain bike trails I ride regularly at Brown County State Park. I had never hiked it before, and she had never seen it at all.

It was a bit odd hiking a trail with which I’m quite familiar from bike rides. It was a completely different perspective, and most of the parts that are tricky on a bike are quite easy on foot. The slower pace allowed me to enjoy the scenery more and take some photos with my good camera, which I never take on bike rides.




We ran into my mountain biking buddy Dave, who was out riding. We talked for a few minutes before he took off. He was riding the trail in both directions, so we expected to see him again.




We saw Dave sooner than we expected. It turns out that the trail meanders so much that there’s a spot where two disparate parts of the trail come within about 30 feet of each other — we just never noticed before because unless someone’s riding on the other part at the same time, you can’t see the trail through the brush. You learn something new every day!



It was a really fun hike. I’ve seen this trail in all seasons and conditions, but always from my bike. It was cool to get a different perspective; we’ll have to go back and hike some of the other mountain bike trails sometime.

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  1. indytriple Says:

    Nice post and terrific pictures! I’m glad to see that Dave is back on his bike after his tumble that he took recently.

    The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association has always prided itself on building multi-use trails. Although the trails are fantastic for mountain biking, they are also fantastic for hiking and trail running as well. In fact, at Brown County State Park the park employees tell us that the mountain bike trails have become the most popular hiking trails, especially for advanced hikers. The Central Indiana Wilderness Club even used the mountain bike trail system when training for their Appalachian Trail hike last year.

    Whether you’re biking or hiking, trail info can be found here:

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