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Accident injuries

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Here are some photos and x-rays of my injuries from my accident in North Carolina. You need to click on the link below to see them, in case anyone is squeamish.

The finger

Another view … you can also see where the end of the finger got skinned

Road rash on the elbow …

… and knee

X-Ray (before being popped back into joint). Notice the dislocation and the small piece of bone that broke off.

X-Ray (after being popped back in joint)

5 Responses to “Accident injuries”

  1. Marty Says:

    I commented on your pictures on Flickr, but I’ll reiterate here. Ouch. And may a karmic nazi go brutal on the person who did this and then drove away.

  2. furiousball Says:

    owww oww oww

  3. Tim Says:

    Dude, that finger looks “narsty”.

  4. Jon Grinder Says:

    Wow, I just read about your crash (I can’t bring myself to call it an “accident” and let the perpetrator off the hook).

    Be careful out there, man! We need eyes on the backs of our heads.

  5. MRMacrum Says:

    Damn. Shoot. I just had to open the link. Now I am really grossed out. That had to and must still hurt.

    Well, you sure had some adventure in North Carolina. Kinda puts my own experience there at the same time into perspective. Glad all you ended up with are wounds that will heal. And yeah, we were in NC at the same time as you guys were.

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