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Hit & run

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Our trip to the mountains is not going as well as we had hoped. I’m writing from the public library in Roanoke, VA right now. I’ll post more details later, but for now I’ll say that on Wednesday I was going for a ride, and I ended up being the victim in a hit & run accident in Hendersonville, NC. There were two lanes of traffic going in my direction. I was on the right side of the right lane, not on the edge but in my usual position where the right tire of a car would go. Someone passed me too close, moving further to the right as they passed me. I’m guessing they thought there was room to pass in the lane, but there wasn’t. I felt the smooth paint on the side of their car as it hit me, and I went down. I looked down at my right hand and my middle finger was bent in unnatural ways, almost in an S shape. It was ugly.

I am lucky: I wasn’t going very fast, and neither was the car. My worst injury was the dislocated/broken finger. The doctor popped it back into joint and that’s about all they can do. It’s still very bruised, swollen, and stiff, but I need to use it as much as possible to regain mobility in my finger. I’ll probably need some follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon. Other than that I just have a few scrapes and bruises. They hurt a bit but they’re fundamentally superficial.

Then our car broke down on the way to Roanoke but some very nice mechanics worked late to get us back on the road. Southern Hospitality is no joke.

Again, more details on all of this later. For now typing is pretty difficult. Here’s hoping our luck changes.

9 Responses to “Hit & run”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wow! I’m so glad to hear you’re okay. And that the car is fixed. Here’s to a spectacular vacation from here on out.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Oh no! I hope you heal soon. But hey, the trip can only get better from there, right?

  3. Pete Says:

    To heck with you, how is your bike?

    Only kidding, glad to hear you’re mostly OK. Scary stuff.

  4. furiousball Says:

    oh boy Michael, that blows buddy. hope that finger gets better soon. i broke mine playing football once and they do heal faster than you’d expect.

  5. Marty Says:

    Glad that you got away with just that injury – but I hope those people who hit you and then left find a most unpleasing bit of karma coming their way.

  6. Dan Says:

    Dude, that is nasty! Bad karma to the driver.

    How’s the bike?

  7. Tim Says:


  8. Tim Says:

    (oops) CRAZY! We went through Hendersonville on our way to Pisgah on Sunday. I can imagine it, though. The roads in between the interstate and the town center were very congested and tight. I’m real sorry and hope the hand gets back to ridable stage asap.

  9. Apertome Says:

    Thanks everyone … Tim, you nailed it, that’s exactly right.

    The bike seems ok, although this is the bike with the broken brake boss … upon closer inspection their fix is not holding up. This is not related to the accident, but probably does not bode well for that bike.

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