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Ride around Lake Lemon

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I decided to do a bit of a shorter ride on Saturday, since I was planning on riding with my friend Chris on Sunday, who is moving within the next week or so, and I figured we might do a longer ride. I wanted to save some energy. At the same time, I decided to use this ride to practice climbing out of the saddle; a little strength training.As I rode, one of the first things I noticed was that there were Tiger LilliesĀ  everywhere (Sarah’s favorite flower). I tried taking photos of them whenever I got the chance, and also used these opportunities to try to practice a new shooting technique I’m working on. The idea is, as you approach an object you want to photograph, you depress the shutter halfway to lock focus, and sweep your hand and camera angle back to keep the object in the frame, and press the shutter while you do so. (Here is a somewhat-successful previous attempt.) Unfortunately my camera was acting up a bit and I had trouble getting the timing right.

Tiger Lillies

Tunnel Road

As I rode on Tunnel Road, I saw numerous cyclists headed in the opposite direction, and waved. A jeep, with all its window rolled down or snapped off, was hauling a boat and as it passed me the guys inside waved and said hello.

I really enjoyed the descent down South Shore Drive to Lake Lemon. Some more riders were struggling up the hill going the other way and I could see a sense of envy on their faces as I rode effortlessly downhill at 38 mph or so. I had plenty of climbing ahead of me, but it was a bit of a humorous moment.

Lake Lemon

I was surprised when I reached the Port Hole Inn, a restaurant/bar right by the lake. Apparently there was a fire — the place is pretty well gutted. Looking at headline now it appears this happened back in April — I’m surprised I didn’t learn of it until just now. I didn’t venture far inside, but did take a few photos from near the door.

Port Hole Inn

Inside the Port Hole Inn

The sign says “Hope to re-open Aug 1st”

More of the interior

Dining room and bar

Lake and Tiger Lillies

Riding across the causeway

House by a big hill


The ride felt routine for a while, but I was really enjoying being out riding. Once I got back on 45, I saw numerous homes where people had put tons of stuff on their lawns, and I wonder if this was because of flood damage. There were some big trucks and dumpsters hauling things away. I didn’t get any photos, as I was busy trying not to get hit by a truck.

The road on North Shore was very rough in places (even moreso than usual) with some torn-up pavement and rebar showing in spots by a couple of bridges. I had to ride very carefully to avoid the rebar and some huge potholes. I have a bunch of photos I’m going to skip as they are OK, but this is getting a little long. For more, see here.

Hay bales

I took a bit of a detour from my usual route to ride down to Lake Griffy. This let me go by another lake, and added another big climb to my ride.

Lake Griffy

I saw another rider up ahead, a guy without a helmet riding a hybrid and wearing a backpack. He did pretty well on the hill, although he swerved a bit. I figured I’d catch up and say hi, but then I dropped my chain right at the bottom of the hill. I put it back on and still caught up with him. I talked to him for a few minutes, he’d ridden 40 miles already and was headed home. I got the impression he must’ve spent a while chilling by the lake. I can’t blame him, it was a gorgeous day. We went our separate ways at the Bypass.

Part of the climb

Trying to catch up with the other rider

Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium

All in all, a great 35 miles or so of riding.

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  1. furiousball Says:

    i’m definitely staying at the Porthole next time i’m in town

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