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I almost hit a …

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

… before I say what I hit, try and guess.


I went mountain biking at Brown County State Park with Dave and Casey, one of his boys. I hadn’t met Casey before, so that was cool. He was fun to ride with. At one point a turkey was running on the trail ahead of us. We quickly caught up to him and he ran off to the side of the trail. That was pretty amusing.

Later, during a blistering downhill run back to my car, I came around a turn to see a raccoon right in the middle of the trail. I got ready to bunny hop (err, raccoon hop) over it if necessary, but after freezing for half a second, the raccoon ran out of the way and climbed straight up a tree.

If you guessed “raccoon,” you win. If you guessed something else, what was it?

5 Responses to “I almost hit a …”

  1. Noah Says:

    I guessed “goose”. hhaha.

  2. furiousball Says:

    a hippie

  3. Marty Says:

    I guessed Dick Cheney, but since you didn’t get shot I should have known I was wrong.

  4. Doug Says:

    I guessed porcupine, but I don’t even know if you have those in your parts. I see lots of dead ones on the roads around my area.

  5. Apertome Says:

    These are some fun guesses. The porcupine one surprised me; I have never seen a porcupine around here.

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