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Spring commute

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I missed a good portion of things blooming in my absence last week. Many things are in full bloom now, and a few things are shedding petals already. Let me assure you, this town isn’t called Bloomington for no reason. While all of the flowers and flowering trees are very beautiful, my allergies are going crazy right now. Even Claritin can’t help today, it seems.

I took it easy during my ride to work this morning, in part because I can’t breathe too well, and in part to enjoy the scenery. Here are a few photos.

IU actually goes a little overboard with the landscaping at times


We have a lot of these trees with white flowers

Mossy tree

One of a few cobblestone roads in Bloomington


Back … I hope

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since I wrote anything here. Back on April 11, I had my wisdom teeth out. I was pretty afraid going into it, but I tried to convince myself I was overreacting. Immediately following the procedure, I felt surprisingly good. I was suddenly awake, and I was numb, but it didn’t seem so bad. I got a false sense of security. The next two days were terrible, and things have gotten gradually better since then (except getting dry sockets, which are still healing), but I was pretty much out of commission last week. I called in sick Monday and Tuesday and worked from home the rest of the week. I planned to go into the office yesterday, but woke up with probably the worst headache I’ve ever had.

Finally, today, I went in to the office. My ride to work this morning was also my first time back on a bicycle since my surgery. It felt good to ride, but I think it’ll probably be a couple more days at least before I can do any major riding. Naturally, during my hiatus, Spring hit in a big way around here, everything blooming, and the weather was finally warm and sunny. I missed out on some prime riding time, but it feels good to be back, at least to some extent.

I did manage to do some photography in there, taking some cool infrared shots, and we went hiking once. More on that later.

Not so wise

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

I’m terrified. Tomorrow I get my bottom wisdom teeth removed, and I know it’s going to be awful. I really should’ve had this done 10 years ago when they recommended it then as a preventative measure, but obviously I’ve been putting it off. I know this is a bad move, but having been without medical insurance for a lot of that time, it wasn’t really a viable option for me. Now I’ve got the insurance and I have still be dragging my feet a bit. At least I’ll have the weekend to recover, and if the forecast is right, it won’t be good riding weather, anyway.

This week has not been a good one for riding for me. The weather has mostly been pretty good, but I have been busy with a geeky project that’s cut into my recreational ride time. It’s been fun, though, and hopefully there’ll be more projects in this vein.

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