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Dave is back in the saddle

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Back on January 3rd (wow, it’s hard to believe it was that long ago), I wrote about my friend Dave’s mountain biking accident. Since then he’s been making a gradual recovery. He fortunately didn’t have to have surgery, and he’s been hiking increasing distances the past few weeks, and riding increasingly long sessions on his trainer. Dave is a mountain biker, but as part of his recovery, he’s going to have to do a bunch of training on the road before he can go mountain biking. Last night, he called me and said he wanted to ride, and felt ready. I headed out to his house, and we rode a good 10+ miles. Dave did great job. The doctors said his balance might not be too good, but he didn’t have any problems. The only real problem he seemed to have was a little numbness in his left hand and leg. He said he couldn’t feel the wind on his leg, which must’ve been weird.

It was great to ride with Dave again, even if it was on the road. Now he can ramp up to longer rides and before long, hopefully he’ll be back on the trails! And the doctors initially said he might not ride again — BAH!

2 Responses to “Dave is back in the saddle”

  1. Marty Says:

    Well, glad to hear that the doctors were all WRONG! I hope the recovery continues!

  2. Dave Says:

    Thanks for accompanying a wobbly guy on his first ride back. It was great to have you along. Thanks also for not bringing the swanky, light road bike – that just would have been too unfair!

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